Quest:Tome of Divinity (Lord Grayson Shadowbreaker)

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Alliance 32 Tome of Divinity (4)
StartLord Grayson Shadowbreaker
EndTiza Battleforge
Level12 (Requires 12)
Experience230 EXP (or 1 Silver 20 Copper at level 70)

Objectives Edit

Speak to Tiza Battleforge in Ironforge.

Description Edit

Hello, <name>. I know you're busy helping out the people of Azeroth, but when you have the time, you should return to Ironforge and speak to one of the most respected paladins of your home: Tiza Battleforge. She's the one the younger dwarven paladins go to when it is time they learn more about the Light and what's expected of all of us. You can find her upstairs in the Hall of Mysteries which is located in the Mystic Ward.

Completion Edit

I greet you, and bid you welcome, <name>.

Gains Edit

Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

  • 230 XP (or 1 Silver 20 Copper at level 70)

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