Quest:Urgent News

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Neutral 32 Urgent News
StartJi Firepaw
EndDelora Lionheart
CategoryWandering Isle
Reputation+250 Pandaren Adventurer's Guild
Rewards3 Silver
PreviousEvil from the Seas
Handle With Care
NextNone Left Behind
Medical Supplies
From Bad to Worse

Objectives Edit

Meet Aysa Cloudsinger at the Skyfire Crash-Site.

Description Edit

I'm sure Aysa won't love this plan, but it's the only plan we've got. Would you mind being the bearer of bad news for me, <name>? She needs to know what we're doing so she can get everyone to safety.


Your friend is out fighting to save my crew. Fiercely I might add. I'm afraid your message may have to wait.

Rewards Edit

You will receive:

Progression Edit

  1. Neutral 15  [10] Bidden to Greatness
  2. Neutral 15  [10] Preying on the Predators / Neutral 15  [10] Stocking Stalks
  3. Neutral 15  [11] Wrecking the Wreck
  4. Neutral 15  [11] Evil from the Seas / Neutral 15  [11] Handle With Care
  5. Neutral 15  [11] Urgent News
  6. Complete the following:
  7. Neutral 15  [12] An Ancient Evil
  8. Neutral 15  [12] Risking It All
  9. Neutral 15  [12] The Healing of Shen-zin Su
  10. Neutral 15  [12] A New Fate

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