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Horde 32 Venom Bottles
StartVenom Bottle
EndApothecary Lydon
Requires Level 40
CategoryThe Hinterlands
Experience360-3,600 XP
or  at Level 90
ReputationUndercity +250
NextOfficial horde mini-icon [45] Undamaged Venom Sac

Objectives Edit

Bring a Venom Bottle to an apothecary in Tarren Mill.

Description Edit

These bottles hold a vile, green venom.

Considering the number of bottles in this village, the Witherbarks must deem it very important. Perhaps an apothecary in nearby Tarren Mill would like a sample.

Reward Edit

Progress Edit

Hello, gentle <class>. The day has been long and not a single experiment successful...I hope you bring good news to me.

Completion Edit

Ah, and what is this? It appears to be venom... from some arachnoid creature I deem. And where did you get it?

Notes Edit

This quest is part of a chain.

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