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Neutral 32 WANTED: Cap'n Garvey
Requires Level 14
CategoryNorthern Barrens
Experience1,150 XP
or 6Silver90Copper at Level 90
Reputation+250 Ratchet
+125 Everlook
+125 Booty Bay
+125 Gadgetzan
Rewards[Proof of Death], [Seaworthy Leggings], [Gazlowe's Gloves], or [Retainer Vest]

Objectives Edit

Bring the head of Cap'n Garvey to Gazlowe in Ratchet.

Description Edit


"Cap'n" J. Garvey of
the Maiden's Dagger

Charged with piracy on the open seas, kidnapping, extortion, arson, slavery, et al. Garvey recently arrived in these waters leading a crew of Southsea Freebooters and was last seen assaulting Fray Island. Bring proof of death in an identifiable condition!

-- Gazlowe

Rewards Edit

You will be able to choose one of these rewards:

You will receive: 8Silver

Progress Edit

What's happening? Something I can help you with? Goods to ship, perhaps an engineering job?

Completion Edit

Ahhhh! That sort of business. You know, these pirates are always looking out for their own. No sooner is Baron Longshore in a stockade than this Garvey fellow comes looking for vengeance... You don't suppose anyone will come looking to avenge Garvey, do you? Maybe I should put you on retainer.

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