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Neutral 32 Weed War
StartGai Lan
EndGai Lan
CategoryValley of the Four Winds
Experience111,000 XP
or 9Gold33Silver60Copper at Level 90
Reputation+250 Tillers
Rewards[Covered Basket]
9Gold 80Silver
PreviousHop Hunting
NextStormstout's Hops

Weed War!


Some Weed-B-Gone


Pull 100 weeds from Gai Lan's field.

You can pull weeds while mounted.

  • Weeds pulled (100)


You want some hops? I've got plenty in the shed out back. I'll gladly share some with you... if you'll help me weed my field.

Now "hop" to it! Get it?


You weed like a champion.


You will receive:


  • Talk with Gai Lan to get started.
  • Remember weeds can be pulled while mounted.
  • Once dismounted, players will remain in combat and will not be able to mount.
  • If time runs out (3 minutes), the kill counter remains intact, and Gai Lan can be talked to in order to restart the event.
  • Use Weed-B-Gone for an AoE tool.


Gai Lan yells: Look, there's a weed! Go pull it!
Click on weeds to pull them!
Gai Lan says: Just stomp on those little weeds. No need to waste your time picking them.
Walk over small weeds!
Gai Lan says: Here, I've got some spare Weed-B-Gone. This should help.
Pick up the Weed-B-Gone!
Gai Lan says: Looks like things are finally starting to calm down.
Gai Lan says: You are a lifesaver, <class>. I will have your hops delivered to Halfhill right away.


  1. Neutral 15 [86] Chen's Resolution
  2. Complete all of the following:
3. Neutral 15 [86] The Emperor

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