Quest:Whiskey Slim's Lost Grog

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Neutral 32 Whiskey Slim's Lost Grog
StartNeutral 15 Whiskey Slim
EndNeutral 15 Whiskey Slim
Level50 (Requires 40)
CategoryThe Hinterlands
ReputationBooty Bay +250
Bloodsail Buccaneers -250
Rewards5x [Rumsey Rum]


Whiskey Slim in Booty Bay wants you to bring him the bottles of [Pupellyverbos Port] he lost.

We was splicin' the mainbrace somethin' fierce off of the Overlook Cliffs, ol' Hinterlands just in the distance. Thought the seas was goin' to swallow us whole.

Ol' Slim knows all about liquid courage! Cap'n had a crate of Pupellyverbos Port we commandeered from a privateer en route to Stormwind.

So when that storm off of Hinterlands hit, I busted into the grog. Big wave hit and tossed them bottles overboard. Cap'n is goin' to give me a taste o' the cat if ye don't help me get 'em back though!


5 [Rumsey Rum]

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