Quest:Wild Fires in the Eastern Kingdoms

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Neutral 32 Wild Fires in the Eastern Kingdoms
StartFestival Flamekeeper
EndFestival Flamekeeper
Level60 (Requires 59)
Rewards[Mantle of the Fire Festival]
[Burning Blossom] x 10

Objectives Edit

Visit the Fire Festival camps located in Blasted Lands, Eastern Plaguelands, the Hinterlands and Searing Gorge, then speak with the Festival Flamekeeper.

  • Flame of the Blasted Lands: 0/1
  • Flame of the Plaguelands: 0/1
  • Flame of the Hinterlands: 0/1
  • Flame of Searing Gorge: 0/1

Details Edit

Quest Text Edit

Our celebration of the flame is spread throughout the land, <class>. Not a single place remains untouched by the heat of this holiday, and the strongest fires burn a brilliant blue. Seek them out.

You'll find one just north of Blackrock Spire. The others are located deep within the Eastern Plaguelands near a decrepit town, along the road to the cliffs within the mountainous Hinterlands, and on the way to the Dark Portal within the Blasted Lands.

Rewards Edit

Notes Edit

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