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Neutral 32 X Marks... Your Doom!
Start Neutral 15  Budd Nedreck
End Neutral 15  Budd Nedreck
Level70 (Requires 70)
Experience11 Gold 70 Silver at 70
Rewards13 Gold 20 Silver
Previous Neutral 15  [70R] Promises, Promises...
Next Neutral 15  [70R] Hex Lord? Hah!


Enter Zul'Aman and visit Halazzi's Chamber, Jan'alai's Platform, and Akil'zon's Platform. Report the details of those areas to Budd, at his camp in the Ghostlands.

  • Examine Halazzi's chamber
  • Examine Jan'alai's platform
  • Examine Akil'zon's platform


How did those fools fail? I told them to be careful - even gave them disguises to help them blend in. Ahh, well. The bright side of their failure is that this opportunity falls to you.

Succeed, and you'll be well on your way to joining my crew and sharing in the immeasurable fame that will soon be mine. Not that I need any more, mind you.

There are yet a few portions of my map that require further exploration before our excavation can be initiated....


You will receive: 13 Gold 20 Silver .


I trust my hand-crafted disguises have given you have given you adequate protection in Zul'aman.

Have you scouted those areas for me? Or shall I begin looking for your replacements?


<Budd struggles to maintain his composure.>

Err - So, <name> - it's, uhhh, about time you returned. Yes - in fact you're holding up the entire operation.

Now then, let's get to filling in this map....

Patches and hotfixes

Bc icon Patch 2.3.0 (13-Nov-2007): Added

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