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Neutral 32 Xorothian Stardust
StartLord Banehollow
EndGorzeeki Wildeyes
Level60 (Requires 60)
Experience6600 (or 39 Silver at level 70)
Previous Neutral 15  [60] Ulathek the Traitorω τ ϖ
Next Neutral 15  [60] Imp Deliveryω τ ϖ

This quest is part of the Lord Banehollow quest chain. This quest chain starts with Neutral 15  [60] Lord Banehollowω τ ϖ

Objectives Edit

Purchase Xorothian Stardust from Ur'dan for 150 Gold . Bring it to Gorzeeki Wildeyes in the Burning Steppes.

Description Edit

So you come to me seeking Xorothian stardust? You wish to open a portal to Xoroth, the domain of Hel'nurath my rival? Perhaps you plan to steal from him one of his precious dreadsteeds?
Very well. My servant Ur'dan has a supply of Xorothian stardust. You may obtain it from him... if you can pay the price.

Progress Edit

Have you been to Jaedenar, <name>?  Did you get the stardust from Lord Banehollow?

Completion Edit

There it is!  I can hardly believe you got it!  You must have struck a big deal with that Dreadlord or else paid a large sum, or both!
Mor'zul will have his ink very soon and then he can finally make the glyph parchment, so you can open a portal to Xoroth and pull through it one of the famed dreadsteeds!

Gains Edit

Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

  • 6600 XP (or 39 Silver at level 70)

Quest ProgressionEdit

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