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Racial land mounts are typically the first mounts players will acquire. To purchase a racial land mount, players must either purchase their race's mount (such as horses for humans, or wolves for orcs), or gain exalted standing with that race's representative faction (such as exalted with Darnassus to purchase sabers). Flying mounts do not require any reputation rating.

In the initial release of Cataclysm-Logo-Small Cataclysm, the worgen did not get a racial mount, but instead used the ability [Running Wild] to achieve mount-like speeds. However, a mountain horse mount (regular and swift) was added in Patch 4.3 as the worgen racial mount.

Mount Type Cost Requirements
Race Faction Riding skill
Official alliance mini-icon
IconSmall Elekk  Elekk mounts  Bc icon

[Brown Elekk]
[Purple Elekk]
[Gray Elekk]

Ground 1 Gold Draenei Exodar Apprentice (75)
IconSmall Ram  Ram mounts

[Brown Ram]
[Gray Ram]
[White Ram]

Ground 1 Gold Dwarf Ironforge Apprentice (75)
IconSmall Mechanostrider  Mechanostrider mounts

[Blue Mechanostrider]
[Green Mechanostrider]
[Red Mechanostrider]
[Unpainted Mechanostrider]

Ground 1 Gold Gnome Gnomeregan Exiles Apprentice (75)
IconSmall Horse  Horse mounts

[Brown Horse]
[Chestnut Mare]
[Black Stallion]

Ground 1 Gold Human Stormwind Apprentice (75)
IconSmall Saber  Saber mounts

[Striped Dawnsaber]
[Spotted Frostsaber]
[Striped Frostsaber]
[Striped Nightsaber]

Ground 1 Gold Night elf Darnassus Apprentice (75)

IconSmall Horse [Mountain Horse] Cataclysm-Logo-Small

Ground 1 Gold Worgen Gilneas Apprentice (75)
IconSmall Elekk  Great elekk mounts  Bc icon

[Great Blue Elekk]
[Great Green Elekk]
[Great Purple Elekk]

Ground 10 Gold Draenei Exodar Journeyman (150)
IconSmall Ram  Swift ram mounts

[Swift Brown Ram]
[Swift White Ram]
[Swift Gray Ram]

Ground 10 Gold Dwarf Ironforge Journeyman (150)
IconSmall Mechanostrider  Swift mechanostrider mounts

[Swift Green Mechanostrider]
[Swift White Mechanostrider]
[Swift Yellow Mechanostrider]

Ground 10 Gold Gnome Gnomeregan Exiles Journeyman (150)
IconSmall Horse  Swift horse mounts

[Swift Brown Steed]
[Swift Palomino]
[Swift White Steed]

Ground 10 Gold Human Stormwind Journeyman (150)
IconSmall Saber  Swift saber mounts

[Swift Frostsaber]
[Swift Mistsaber]
[Swift Stormsaber]

Ground 10 Gold Night elf Darnassus Journeyman (150)

IconSmall Horse [Swift Mountain Horse] Cataclysm-Logo-Small

Ground 10 Gold Worgen Gilneas Journeyman (150)
IconSmall Gryphon  Gryphon mounts  Bc icon

[Ebon Gryphon]
[Snowy Gryphon]
[Golden Gryphon]

Flying 50 Gold Expert (225)
IconSmall Gryphon  Swift gryphon mounts  Bc icon

[Swift Blue Gryphon]
[Swift Green Gryphon]
[Swift Red Gryphon]
[Swift Purple Gryphon]

Flying 100 Gold Artisan (300)
Official horde mini-icon
IconSmall Hawkstrider  Hawkstrider mounts  Bc icon

[Black Hawkstrider]
[Blue Hawkstrider]
[Purple Hawkstrider]
[Red Hawkstrider]

Ground 1 Gold Blood elf Silvermoon City Apprentice (75)
Inv misc key 03  [Goblin Trike] Cataclysm-Logo-Small Ground 1 Gold Goblin Bilgewater Cartel Apprentice (75)
IconSmall Wolf  Wolf mounts

[Black Wolf]
[Brown Wolf]
[Dire Wolf]
[Timber Wolf]

Ground 1 Gold Orc Orgrimmar Apprentice (75)
IconSmall Kodo  Kodo mounts

[Brown Kodo]
[Gray Kodo]
[White Kodo]

Ground 1 Gold Tauren Thunder Bluff Apprentice (75)
IconSmall Raptor  Raptor mounts

[Emerald Raptor]
[Turquoise Raptor]
[Violet Raptor]

Ground 1 Gold Troll Darkspear Trolls Apprentice (75)
IconSmall SkeletalHorse  Skeletal horse mounts

[Black Skeletal Horse]
[Blue Skeletal Horse]
[Brown Skeletal Horse]
[Red Skeletal Horse]

Ground 1 Gold Undead Undercity Apprentice (75)
IconSmall Hawkstrider  Swift hawkstrider mounts  Bc icon

[Swift Pink Hawkstrider]
[Swift Green Hawkstrider]
[Swift Purple Hawkstrider]

Ground 10 Gold Blood elf Silvermoon City Journeyman (150)
Inv misc key 04  [Goblin Turbo-Trike] Cataclysm-Logo-Small Ground 10 Gold Goblin Bilgewater Cartel Journeyman (150)
IconSmall Wolf  Swift wolf mounts

[Swift Brown Wolf]
[Swift Timber Wolf]
[Swift Gray Wolf]

Ground 10 Gold Orc Orgrimmar Journeyman (150)
IconSmall Kodo  Great kodo mounts

[Great Brown Kodo]
[Great Gray Kodo]
[Great White Kodo]

Ground 10 Gold Tauren Thunder Bluff Journeyman (150)
IconSmall Raptor  Swift raptor mounts

[Swift Blue Raptor]
[Swift Olive Raptor]
[Swift Orange Raptor]

Ground 10 Gold Troll Darkspear Trolls Journeyman (150)
IconSmall SkeletalHorse  Skeletal warhorse mounts

[Green Skeletal Warhorse]
[Ochre Skeletal Warhorse]
[Purple Skeletal Warhorse]

Ground 10 Gold Undead Undercity Journeyman (150)
IconSmall Wyvern  Wind Rider mounts  Bc icon

[Tawny Wind Rider]
[Blue Wind Rider]
[Green Wind Rider]

Flying 50 Gold Expert (225)
IconSmall Wyvern  Swift Wind Rider mounts  Bc icon

[Swift Yellow Wind Rider]
[Swift Red Wind Rider]
[Swift Purple Wind Rider]
[Swift Green Wind Rider]

Flying 100 Gold Artisan (300)
Both 15
IconSmall Turtle  Dragon turtle mounts  Mists-Logo-Small

[Black Dragon Turtle]
[Blue Dragon Turtle]
[Brown Dragon Turtle]
[Green Dragon Turtle]
[Purple Dragon Turtle]
[Red Dragon Turtle]

Ground 1 Gold Pandaren Tushui Pandaren / Huojin Pandaren Apprentice (75)
IconSmall Turtle  Great dragon turtle mounts  Mists-Logo-Small

[Great Black Dragon Turtle]
[Great Blue Dragon Turtle]
[Great Brown Dragon Turtle]
[Great Green Dragon Turtle]
[Great Purple Dragon Turtle]
[Great Red Dragon Turtle]

Ground 10 Gold Pandaren Tushui Pandaren / Huojin Pandaren Journeyman (150)

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