Ring of Flowing Life

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Ring of Flowing Life is a craftable epic ring for healers.


This item is created by Jewelcrafters with a skill of 375; taught by [Design: Ring of Flowing Life]

Materials required
4x [Hardened Khorium] 20x [Primal Life]
12x [Mercurial Adamantite] 5x [Sunmote]
Raw Materials
320x [Adamantite Ore] 24x [Khorium Ore]
200x [Mote of Life] 120x [Mote of Earth]
5x [Sunmote]

This item requires the very large amount of 320 Adamantite Ore. 80 of these are to be smelted into 40 Adamantite Bar, wich are in turn smelted into 4 Hardened Adamantite Bar. The other 240 Adamantite Ore need to be prospected to produce 48 Adamantite Powder, wich will be used to create 12 Mercurial Adamantite.

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