Sanguine Chamber

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Sanguine Chamber is an area inside Sunwell Plateau. The chamber is a circular den that is coloured blood red due to the lighting of the floating blood crystals hovering in the room, it is passed during the gauntlet run of the Dead Scar and is where some groups of felblood can be found lurking.

Sanguine Chamber

The Sanguine Chamber's interior.

Races Edit

  • Felblood elf
  • Infernal

Trash Mobs Edit

  • Blazing Infernal - Demonic pet summoned by the Soulbinder.
  • Felguard Slayer - Demonic pet summoned by the Soulbinder.
  • Shadowsword Assassin - Rogue, invisible before aggro.
  • Shadowsword Lifeshaper - Caster, drains life.
  • Shadowsword Manafiend - Caster, drains mana and arcane explodes.
  • Shadowsword Soulbinder - Warlock, summons demonic allies and can mind control.
  • Shadowsword Vanquisher - Melee, cleaves and reduces armor.

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