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Realms  Argent Dawn US (RP)

Argent Dawn is a roleplay style server running on EST. It is one of the largest roleplay servers, with peak popularity times being anywhere from 5 pm to 10 pm. There are many excellent players on Argent Dawn, from raiding to pvp to roleplay. We're usually a friendly bunch!

According to the Official Server Status page, the realm population is High. We do not often experience queue times, but every once in a great while during peak time we may.


The name Argent Dawn comes from the organization of the same name. The organization is dedicated to protecting Azeroth from the Burning Legion and other groups deemed evil.

Alliance 32

Alliance Guilds

Guild Name Abbreviation Type Contact Notes
[web] Verwu PvP Sibyl) The top PvP guild Alliance-side
Másters of Kárate
[web] PvE Bluray none
The Blue Knights
[web] TBK PvE Anyone none
[web] FFW PvE Tigrao none
Magicians of Kisses
[web] MoK PvE Mordhric none
[web] PvE Mordhric none
Horde 32

Horde Guilds

Guild Name Abbreviation Type Contact Notes
Ani Ayastigi
[web] Nbz RP Thundertotem none
Cant Now Gotta Raid
[web] CNGR PvE Healiium none
English RP
November 23rd, 2004 (WoW release date)
Official forums GuildProgress
Index Category index
Alliance 56%
Horde 44%
Alliance / Horde ratio 1.3 : 1
Ruin US
RPArgent Dawn
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