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This article is a realm page for the Bleeding Hollow US realm (server)

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The server was known for its balanced Horde to Alliance ratio and avid world PvP. However recently the ratio has been skewed heavily in favor of the Horde, any new transfers are asked to roll Alliance to help alleviate the problem.

Bleeding Hollow (PvP) Edit

Official Server Forums: Bleeding Hollow Forum - World of Warcraft Bleeding Hollow Forum


  • Lag: Above Average. Normal raiding times cause major cities to lag. Instances often lag during Tuesdays or during new content patches. More noticeable for Horde.
  • Instance Stability: Occasional instance lag when too crowded, such as expansion releases.
  • Alliance/Horde Ratio: Approximately 75% Horde to 25% Alliance.
  • Amount of PvP: High
  • Arena Performance: As one of the many release-date PvP servers in the Ruin battlegroup, Bleeding Hollow performs quite admirably in the arena at all levels of combat.

Brief History It is an original release server and was once the most populated PvP server available. Since then, it has suffered through six free transfers due to overpopulation(Crushridge, Dunemaul, Mug'thol, Cho'gall, and Korgath x2) and countless guild relocations.

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Alliance Vanguard vs Ironwolf Clan Showdown!07:18

Alliance Vanguard vs Ironwolf Clan Showdown!

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