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 Dragonmaw EU (PvP)


This article is a realm page for the Dragonmaw Europe realm (server)

This is a community maintained page and does not represent official World of Warcraft history or occurrences. Information and events here are for community documentation of server particulars, history, or opinion.


The banner of the Dragonmaw Clan

Dragonmaw is a PvP server that opened at EU release in 2005. In May2006 there was a free migration to Alleviate 1000+ queues. The majority of the server's high level population left allong with all but a few raiding guilds. The server was left empty until it became the site of a migration.

It gets its name from the Dragonmaw clan of the Dark Horde which held Grim Batol and a Fortress in Shadowmoon Valley. They are famous for enslaving Dragons. Dragonmaw is a small to medium populated server, with both the Alliance and the Horde balanced. PvE Progression wise, the horde has been for a while significantly further progressed than the Alliance, but as of the Burning Crusade several Alliance guilds have caught up.

An updated list of progression can be found on the Dragonmaw-EU forums. [1]

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Official alliance mini-iconAlliance Edit

-Legacy - PvE - International

-Provídence - PvE - International

-The Untouchable - PvE - International

-Elysium - PvE - International

-Carpe Jugulum
(Disbanded in 2013, is now a social/alt guild only) - PvE - International

-Night Sentinels - PvE - International

-Legio Sanctus - PvE - International

-Die Horde - PvE - International

-Mostly Harmless - PvE - International

-Ace of Hearts - PvE - International
-Anguish - PvE - English

-CZ and SK United - PvE - International

-Mythology - PvE - International

-Phoenix Legends - PvE - International

-Pheonix Society' - PvE - International

Official horde mini-iconHorde Edit

-Northstar Legion (Oldest Guild alive) - PvE - International

-Continuum - PvE - International

-Entropy - PvE - International

-Jokers and Smokers - PvE - International

-Brave Hearts -PvE - Cz/Sk

-Evocati - PvE - International

-Shadow Moon - PvE - Cz/Sk

-Malice - PvE - International

- Disbanded - PvE - International

-Limited - PvE - Cz/Sk

-DarkElite - PvE - Turkish

-BEYKOZ - PvP - Turkish

- Duck of Doom - PvE - International

-Legie - PvE / PvP - Cz/Sk

-Crit Happens
- Disbanded - PvE - International

(Disbanded, Currently an Alt storing guild, 2,5 years old) '
- - PvE - International

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