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Jaedenar (PvP, EU)

Jaedenar is a realm that went live in April 2006. The population is medium to high and has been the destination of several free migrations notably from Neptulon.

The Alliance:Horde population balance is better than on many other PvP realms, with a slight favor to horde. A rough estimate would be Alliance 1:Horde 1.3.

The realm was signifigantly boosted by the arrival of several high profile raiding guilds from Neptulon in early 2009 which have continued to dominate the realms PvE scene.

Unfortunately in August 2009, The Dark Embrace, previously a top 20 guild which dominated progress on Jaedenar disbanded.

Raiding from Crusader's Coliseum & On

With the release of the Crusader's Coliseum, three guilds dominated raiding on Jaedenar. Flare[H], Imbalanced[H] and United [A].

Jaedenar issues

Currently, Speedhackarn a Rogue on the server is holding the title of 'The boy with a small penis' on the server.

Mukundadas is without a question the most epic Enhancement Shaman on the server.

Guilds on Server "Jaedenar"

Official horde mini-icon Horde
  • Exactly [1]
  • Ginnungagap [2]
  • Shadow Legacy [3] One of the oldest and the most top guilds in the server.
  • Rigor Mortis [4]
  • Can YOU Eat A Seal [5]
  • Liquid Courage [6]
  • Annihilation [7]
Official alliance mini-icon Alliance

Distinguished Disbanded Guilds

  • Unity
  • The Dark Embrace

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