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This article is a realm page for the Jaedenar US realm (server)

This is a community maintained page and does not represent official World of Warcraft history or occurrences. Information and events here are for community documentation of server particulars, history, or opinion.

Estimated Active Census Edit

Total Characters: 5,953
Total Alliance: 1,520 - 26%
Total Horde: 4,433 - 75%
Official alliance mini-icon

vs Official horde mini-icon ratio: 1 : 2.9

Note: Statistics above are based on a Warcraft Census accurate as of 10/05/09 and should be considered strictly informational.

More statistics available at Warcraft Census for Jaedenar.

Jaedenar Story Edit


In vanilla Jaedenar had 2 major Pve guilds. Both alliance named Fierce and Risk. Through intense competiton Fierce winning all major server first except one, both guilds cleared MC and BWL in short order. Crondizzle, GM of Risk had however gotten the first, and only, Thunderfury in vanilla on the server. The AQ gates not opened, they entered 40 man Naxx, both clearing Instructor and Anubarak. At this point however the GM of Fierce, still burdened by not getting the second half of thunderfury, sold his account. Fierce disbanded some going to risk others reformed with the top pvp guild on the server, Best friends forever to create the guild Impulse. The remants of Fierce joined with the reroll mage Krimson, lead by Cathorist formed the guild E X I L E. Risk remained intact and strong at this time while E X I L E and Impulse began to canabalize eachother. Impulse fell apart. Although Impulse died, the distain for Risk did not. Johnn, the rogue in fierce with the AQ scepther, had the required rep to open the AQ gates. He threated the server with opening it and tranfering off with the only mount. This angered the server, horde and alliance both. Not be outdone, the remainder of impulse started a guild named, The Knights of Johnn. As the resorces got close, E X I L E and Knights of Johnn attempted to defend the rogue in his attempt to humilate Risk and the server. The horde would have none of it, as they send every available player from top pvp guilds such as tribune, to camp the rogue. With the 2 alliance guilds overwhelmed Crondizzle opened the Gates. After this and with impulse falling apart this made Risk and E X I L E rivals. The outspoken officer of Risk Yme and counterpart Cathorist would get into many forum flame wars. With Yme challenging Cathorist to a RL fight. Although nothing ever really came from this, it was entertaining to say the least.

Horde vanilla was a lot slower to start PvE. The pvp side of things with the likes of Faber, Dorc, AFTERMATH, Midnight, were known to be fearsome. They would be locked into constant fights with BRM Police who reformed as Best Friends Forever. After some traction various pve horde guilds would start and fall apart. However, it should be noted the first and only vanilla hand of ragnaros came on horde side. In vanilla the horde pvp was superior and the alliance pve was far superior. Aftermath and Socks had a RL fued over a female wow player named yuengling. In the end Aftermath beat Socks in wow pvp and for the girl socks was vying for. After this rather public feud, Aftermath and Yuengling left the server together.

The start of BC

On to BC due a public fued Cathorist left E X I L E. Along with it, a large amount of the guild. This would in turn become the end of E X I L E. Risk remained the strongest pve guild but it also left the server unable to find competent pvers to help it thru SSC. With the old alliance vanilla guilds gone or in disarray the Horde finally took over as top of the pve ladder. Morte Diventa was the defacto top alliance guild. It took the alliance over 6 months to get back to SSC. During this time, the horde swelled with population and a guild formed named Zerg. Zerg was just that, they zerged content, and pvp. Gnome Depot formed from the remains of Risk//Exile//impulse lead by Sylenn. Sylenn infultrated horde guild Zerg pretended to be an alt of the GM. In this moment he kicked half the guild. This angered and embarrased Zerg. They never really recovered.

The Rise of the forum trolls:

During this moment, the forum trolls arise. The most infamous one, Bepaladin. He was always suspected to be a high ranking officer in a guild. Which one no one knows exactly who or what he was. There are large list of people he could be. This particular troll was not only entertaining but would leak "dirty laundry" information about nearly every guild horde and alliance and post it on the forums. As well do a weekly, fail of the week. The guild, the bepaladin fan club came about. Most of his trolling came at the expense of Morte Diventa. But no one was truely safe from his wrath. Server regulars to newcomers were blasted almost daily. He abruptly disapeared. He has come back to the server occasionally, but cryptically stating he keeps getting "banned because of bads, lyberals, and morte"

Jaedenar has been the victim of many paid character transfers and rerolls to realms such as Underbog and Korgath, so its numbers are dwindling even more than most normal low population server. Jaedenar is unusually slow in PvE, which has resulted in a bored slew of 70's that sit in major cities, PvP, and chat in trade channel. One of the most notable aspects of Jaedenar is it's close sense of community, both in game and on it's forums. Even players who have transferred away from Jaedenar consider the Jaedenar forum to be their WoW forum home.

A view some on the server share is: "Our only hope for our not-so-beloved Jaedenar is to merge with another low-pop server or for other servers to open up free transfers to ours." Others believe that Jaedenar is doomed, while another viewpoint is that Jaedenar is an amazing server and love every day they play on it. To each his own, it seems.

For some reason, this page has always been edited to be very care-bearish and the history of trolling on the Jaedenar server isn't mentioned. I do not see why people seem to want to leave out some of the most exciting gossip, trash talk, and trolling out of the story of our beloved server. From Ohwhen, to the Women of Jaedenar, to Yme, from Vanilla WoW to BC there have been many entertaining threads, much more entertaining that who killed what boss. The human interaction is what makes this game what it is. Though softer people seem to want to leave that out, much to my chagrin. So please, please post links to the troll threads, to the troll pics, and troll away.

With the installment of WotLK Jaedenar hasn't seen much improvement. There aren't any great guilds, nowhere near the top of other servers. A lot of the great trollers have seem to have moved on. The forums are boring and rarely posted on. Although a lot of the baddies have stayed on the server. The community is still somewhat tight knit, but the new people don't seem to have any respect for those who came before them. It is a sad sad direction for this formerly decent server to be moving.

CATACLYSM: With the update of Cataclysm it seems the once small town Jaedenar US is no longer the same server. Many have come and gone and to see a familiar Jaedenar face is rare. Once epic Jaedenar trolls that gave us the tickle we were ashamed of but loved, are all dead and gone. Jaedenars Favorite Troll Forever.

Current Progression Edit

Rüin had continued to lead in progression heading into Naxxramas taking Realm First! Magic Seeker, Realm First! Conqueror of Naxxramas, and Realm First! Obsidian Slayer. Equilibrium, which started as a regular PUG lead by Hyperion, quickly rose in progression taking the number three spot in progression behind Occult. Legacy died going into WotLK and many members formed AbsoIution. When the #2 guild from Lightning's Blade, Atrocity, came to Jaedenar during Ulduar to found Strife they were much misaligned on the server. There was a big race to kill Yogg-Saron and eventually Strife won out for top of progression. Strife took Realm First! Celestial Defender and after completing Realm First! Grand Crusader (they are still the only guild to kill Heroic Anub'arak) they came back to complete Realm First! Death's Demise. After completing 4/5 in ToGC, GM of Equilibrium, Hyperion suffered a personal in-game issue that tore apart the guild forcing most members to go to Strife. [1] Also during ToGC a #2 guild from Haomarush transfered, OP, to become Apotheosis. Unlike Strife however, they came from a lower state of progression and hoped to pick up many of the leftover Equilibrium players and take their spot in progression. Both Ruin and Apotheosis suffered declining membership and merged to create a shortlived guild named Warpath. At the end of WotLK progression the only notable Horde PVE progression guilds are Strife and Order of Orgrimmar.

Cataclysm Edit

Official alliance mini-icon Alliance guilds (no particular order) Edit

High Roller Arch Nemisis

The Pheonix Guard

No Luv




Official horde mini-icon Horde guilds Edit

1. Ghost Legion

2. The Condemned

3. Sons of Odin

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