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This article is an information page for the Silver Hand US realm (server)

This is a community maintained page, and in no way represent official World of Warcraft history or occurrences. The information and events listed are for community documentation of server particulars, history, or opinion.

High Warlords / Grand MarshalsEdit

  • Cortico (Troll Warrior of "Stormfist") was the first High Warlord
  • Sayuke (Night Elf Hunter of "Immortality") was the first Grand Marshal

Other players that have obtained Rank 14 (Incomplete):

Alliance Grand Marshals

  • Ariana (Human Mage of "Silence")
  • Gorgorath (Night Elf Rogue of "Silence")
  • Hide (Gnome Rogue)
  • Tesseus (Human Paladin)
  • Nightfallen (Human Paladin)
  • Ebinki (Night Elf Hunter)
  • Whitetara (Night Elf Hunter)
  • Dargone (Human Rogue)
  • Lannister (Human Warrior)
  • Wubbette (Gnome Rogue of "Crimson Raiders")
  • Nashirida (Gnome Mage)
  • Ryusuke (Dwarf Warrior)
  • Necator (Night Elf Warrior)
  • Ishank (Human Warlock)
  • Daleckh (Human Paladin)
  • Aileyna (Night Elf Warrior)
  • Naelidaan (Human Paladin)
  • Nappa (Gnome Rogue)
  • Odina (Human Paladin)
  • Blinkin (Gnome Mage)
  • Lamoot (Night Elf Warrior)
  • Kyre (Human Paladin)

Horde High Warlords

  • Zagroth (Undead Mage, Unguilded)
  • Vyctoria (Undead Rogue of "Stormfist")
  • Rainmaker (Tauren Shaman of "Stormfist")
  • Kathynta (Tauren Warrior of "Vigilant")
  • Valizaar (Troll Shaman of "Vigilant")
  • Zulkazeem (Troll Shaman of "Stormfist")
  • Slither (Undead Rogue of "Rival")
  • Otheuym (Orc Warrior of "Pact of War")
  • Ssiard (Undead Warlock of "Pact of War")
  • Maioren (Troll Priest, formerly of "Wartorn")
  • Kontested (Orc Hunter, formerly of "Hax")
  • Matamuram (Tauren Warrior, formerly of "Rival")
  • Dough (Troll Rogue, formerly of "Rival")
  • Grimtock (Undead Warlock, formerly of "Wartorn")
  • Sythopx (Undead Warrior of "Rival")
  • Zayuke (Undead Mage, formerly of "Wartorn")
  • Hazardus (Undead Warrior)
  • Arcinon (Undead Mage of Team Evil)
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