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This article is a realm page for the Velen US realm (server)

This is a community maintained page and does not represent official World of Warcraft history or occurrences. Information and events here are for community documentation of server particulars, history, or opinion.

Named for the prophet who has led the Draenei since their flight from Argus, Velen is a PvE server in the Retaliation Battlegroup. Velen was added during the release of Burning Crusade, and has quickly grown to a Medium population server, which it has remained through the release of Wrath of the Lich King.

The Population

Opened during the launch of Burning Crusade, Velen has a population consisting largely of post-BC players. However, free transfers to Velen were offered between 2/26/08 and 3/04/08 from the Area 52, Arygos, Ghostlands, Hellscream and Zul'jin realms, bringing an influx of experienced pre-BC players to the realm, and bringing Velen to medium population status.

Mornings are often quiet on Velen, providing an ideal time for solo questing, rep grinding and farming without interruption. The peak time on the server tends to be from 5:00 PM - 9:00 PM Server Time during the week, and starts earlier on the weekends. However, queues are nonexistent, even on peak times, and lag is not an issue.

Player vs Player

Being a PvE server, Blizzard is trying to Rid it of World PvP, by adding Level 85 Guards to each Major city and Low level towns like (Brill, Goldshire, Orgrimmar, etc.) so there isn't a very active World PvP environment. Despite this Goldshire seems to be a Major PvP spot, Being the most Raided Area on Velen for World PvP and a place where Duels take place by the Hundreds per day, it is an ideal place for PvPers who are bored of Arenas, Rated Battlegrounds and Other PvP events. Horde and Alliance Alike.

Some PvP guilds on the server include:

For Alliance: Girls Gone Wild and Hired Gunz.

For Horde: Change it Up, Element, Berserk and Veritas.

For the list of the top PvPers on the server,

For Alliance: Unlimited, Demeter, Swagettelol, Loozah, Ilovehaters, Lango, Zalgradis, Uku, and Legacie

For Horde: Divinebeef, Hamburglerer, Rakdom, Ploosh, Crink, Icantpvp, Potatosack, Iheartjews

Overall Velen PvP is alive and well, World PvP is dying out due to the changes to PvE servers and Opposing Faction guards being able to hit harder than most players. But I doubt it will die out Completely.


Despite the phrase 'Velen is for Chillaxin' being frequently quoted on the realm forums, there are active raiding guilds on Velen.

Cataclysm has seen a number of former 25 man guilds switch to the 10 man raiding format. A list of active raiding guilds and current levels of progress can be found here:

For the list of top PVErs on the realm, here they are. ~Alliance- Unlimited, Vike, Intrix and the guild Toxic. ~Horde, Cobane(Shade of arrows) and the guild <Three day ban>

For the list of the worst PVErs on the realm, here they are. ~Alliance~ Thecore. ~Horde~ Xamnyc,and the guild <ROCK> and anything connected to it. Ringmasster, and the guild <syndication>


There are several guilds active in rated battlegrounds. Check the Velen Realm Forum [1] or ask around on trade (whilst wearing some anti-troll gear).

Useful Links

Server Kill Records - Major BC Content

Thanks to Sylkn for the easy format.

Boss Alliance 32 Alliance Horde 32 Horde
Date Guild Date Guild
Black Temple
High Warlord Naj'entus 02/07/2008 Honors Wrath 01/24/2008 Veritas
Supremus 02/07/2008 Honors Wrath 01/24/2008 Veritas
Shade of Akama 02/10/2008 Honors Wrath 01/28/2008 Veritas
Teron Gorefiend 03/17/2008 Honors Wrath 04/07/2008 Veritas
Gurtogg Bloodboil 03/31/2007 Honors Wrath 04/03/2007 Veritas
Reliquary of Souls 04/03/2008 Honors Wrath 04/17/2008 Veritas
Mother Shahraz 04/07/2008 Honors Wrath 04/21/2008 Veritas
Illidari Council 04/17/2008 Honors Wrath 04/24/2008 Veritas
Illidan Stormrage 04/21/2008 Honors Wrath 05/05/2008 Veritas
Mount Hyjal
Rage Winterchill 01/24/2008 Honors Wrath 01/15/2008 Veritas
Anetheron 01/27/2008 Honors Wrath 01/15/2008 Veritas
Kaz'rogal 02/04/2008 Honors Wrath 01/16/2008 Veritas
Azgalor 02/11/2008 Honors Wrath 02/07/2008 Veritas
Archimonde 03/10/2008 Honors Wrath 03/20/2008 Veritas

Note: You can see all of the records here

Guild Listing

Xylaria maintains a good guild listing thread on the realm forum:

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