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Partying Help e


Group Role

Icon-class-role-leader-42x42  Leader

Primary Function

Icon-class-role-tank-42x42  Tank
Icon-class-role-healer-42x42  Healer
Icon-class-role-dealer-42x42  Damage dealer

Secondary Function

Icon-class-role-cc-42x42  Crowd control
Icon-class-role-assist-42x42  Main assist
Icon-class-role-puller-42x42  Puller
Icon-class-role-rezzer-42x42  Rezzer
Icon-class-role-scout-42x42  Scout


Hybrid classes
Meeting Stone
Pickup group

A slang term for the use of the Polymorph spell, because it changes the target into a sheep. A caster who uses the Polymorph spell may be referred to as a sheeper.


Everyone should know who the sheeper is sheeping, and that should be determined before combat, and the sheeper should warn against performing any AoE skills. (Some procs may perform an AoE attack.)

If sheeping is broken for any reason (such as an AoE skill or another inadvertent attack), the sheeper should know better than to try sheeping that same target, especially if they are currently being attacked and it appears obvious. Then the sheeper should tell the person that is violating this and remind them to stop doing so. After all, there is probably a target that more people are attacking so that they can kill that one faster.

Take a look at Main Assist for reasons why people should be /assist'ing rather then targeting and how its best done. AoE can be effective, but if other CC is working perhaps AoE should be avoided.

See also Crowd Control.

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