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Skyreach Pillar top

On top

Skyreach Pillar

Skyreach Pillar

The Skyreach Pillar is a tall butte-like formation in southeast Sholazar Basin. It is very similar to the Glimmering Pillar, Mosslight Pillar, and Suntouched Pillar.


Neutral 15 Oracle Soo-nee wants adventurers to use the Didgeridoo of Contemplation atop this pillar as part of the Neutral 15 [80DailySong of Reflection. Neutral 15 High-Shaman Rakjak of the Frenzyheart Tribe wants help gathering Inv datacrystal05 [Skyreach Crystal Clusters] around the base and south of the pillar. To the northwest, Combat 15 Pitch can sometimes be found in the Wildgrowth Mangal stalking his prey.

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