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Were you looking for the Snake battle pet?

Snakes are typically neutral level 1 critters, but can also be hostile beasts found in many areas of Azeroth. They are small, legless, slithering reptiles.

Snakes are usually not aggressive, fleeing when confronted.MGWS 19

They are also available as Battle pets. Xan'tish, the snake vendor, wanders between the side-entrance of Orgrimmar and the Valley of Spirits.

Snakes should not be confused with serpents. Serpents are (since patch 2.0.1) a family of tameable beasts. Serpents tend to be larger, and hold their heads upright.


  • Constrictor snake

Constrictor snakes hunt for food, but do not attempt to make a meal out of any creature that seems too large to constrict. Constrictor snakes hunt by grabbing prey with their mouths and then squeezing it with their powerful bodies.MGWS 20 Some druids choose them as their animal companion.WOWRPG 70

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Killing one of the critter variety of snake is required for Ability hunter pet spider [Pest Control].

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