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A soul bag (often referred to as a shard bag) is a bag used by Warlocks to hold more Soul Shards than they would normally be able to carry in conventional containers.

The soul bag consumes a regular container slot, however, so it reduces the number of available slots for non-Soul Shard items. The value of the trade-off is up to the individual Warlock.

Soul Shards harvested by the Warlock are automatically stored in an equipped soul bag when acquired, making tedious Soul Shard housekeeping a thing of the past.

Helpfully, soul bags also display the number of soul shards stored within them on the bag icon on the container toolbar.

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Types and how to get them

[Small Soul Pouch] - 12 Shards

  • Rewarded with the ability to summon the Succubus.

[Box of Souls] - 16 Shards

[Soul Pouch] - 20 slots

6x [Bolt of Runecloth] 4x [Rugged Leather]
2x [Ichor of Undeath] 1x [Rune Thread]

[Felcloth Bag] - 24 slots

12x [Felcloth] 6x [Enchanted Leather]
2x [Dark Rune] 4x [Ironweb Spider Silk]

[Core Felcloth Bag] - 28 slots

20x [Felcloth] 16x [Core Leather]
8x [Bloodvine] 4x [Essence of Fire]
4x [Ironweb Spider Silk]

Bc icon [Ebon Shadowbag] - 28 slots

6x [Shadowcloth] 4x [Netherweb Spider Silk]

Wrath-Logo-Small [Abyssal Bag] - 32 slots

4x [Ebonweave] 2x [Spellweave]
1x [Eternium Thread]

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