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"Ambassador" Dagg'thol to API InviteUnit
API IsActionInRange to Aderic's Repose
Adidan to Ancestral Spirit (shaman ability)
Ancestral Spirit (spell) to Arctic Foxling
Arctic Fur to Azjol Nerub
Azora to Battle Plan
Battle Resurrect to Black Rider
Black Riders to Bloodfeather Rogue
Bloodfeather Sorceress to Boulderfist Helm
Boulderfist Hunter to Brutal Gladiator's Thunderfist
Brutal Gladiator's Totem of Indomitability to Cataclysm Chestplate
Cataclysm Dungeon Hero to Choker of the Fire Lord
Choker of the High Shaman to Commoner's Sword
Commoners to Creature
Creature Type to Dalaran Internment Camp
Dalaran Island to Deadly Poison IV
Deadly Poison IX to Design: Brazen Elementium Medallion
Design: Bright Blood Garnet to Doras
Doras the Wind Rider Master to Dun Algaz (Warcraft II)
Dun Argath to Elemental Seaforium Charge
Elemental Servitor to Engineer
Engineer's Cloak to Eye of the Night
Eye of the Prophets to Field Marshal's Leather Epaulets
Field Marshal's Leather Mask to Flying sheep on fire
Flying sword to Frostsavage Cowl
Frostsavage Gloves to Gend Goldwing
Gendarme's Cuirass to Gloves of the Unbound
Gloves of the Uplifted Cup to Goldenscale Vendorfish
Goldenvine Wraps to Grimscale
Grimscale Armor to Halls of Stone
Halls of Stone (achievement) to Helaina
Helboar to Highlander's Lizardhide Girdle (level 28)
Highlander's Lizardhide Girdle (level 38) to Hydross the Unstable/Resistance Gear
Hyena to Infused Coldstone Rune
Infused Crystal to Jaina's Autograph
Jaina's Firestarter to Keldran
Keldric Boucher to Kyross (WC1 Human)
Kyrstel Mantle to Lethtendris
Lethtendris' Web to Lofty Libram
Lofty Sabatons to Mage Sets
Mage Slayer to Mark of the Champion (Physical)
Mark of the Champion (caster) to Meteorite Crystal
Meteorite Ring to Morlune's Bracer
Morning Breeze Lake to Necromancer's Amulet
Necromancer (Warcraft III) to Nostrastrasz
Not-So-Friendly Fire to Ortell's Hideout
Ortezza to Pattern: Blastguard Belt
Pattern: Blastguard Boots to Pinkspear tribe
Pinot noir to Priest (WC3)
Priest (Warcraft III) to Rabbit Crate (Snowshoe)
Rabbit Handler Gloves to Recipe: Major Shadow Protection Potion
Recipe: Major Troll's Blood Elixir to Replica Soulforge Breastplate
Replica Soulforge Gauntlets to Rogue quest
Rogue quests to Salvaged Mail Leggings
Salvaged Metal to Schematic: Elemental Seaforium Charge
Schematic: Extreme-Impact Hole Puncher to Senir's Report
Senir Whitebeard to Shards of Myzrael
Shards of the Alliance to Silverpine Forest quests
Silverpine Sepulcher to Snuff
Snuff (NPC) to Splendora
Splint-Bound Leggings to Stormbreaker's Leggings
Stormbringer Belt to Survival Instincts (hunter talent)
Survival Knife to Target icon
Target icons to The Digital Crusade
The Diplomat to Theodora Mulvadania
Theodore Furlbrow to Titan-Forged Armwraps of Dominance
Titan-Forged Armwraps of Salvation to Tricks and Treats of Kalimdor (Alliance)
Tricks and Treats of Kalimdor (Horde) to Un'Goro Soil
Un'Goro Stomper to Vekh'nir Keeneye
Vekh'nir Matriarch to Voidwalker: Shadow Shield
Voidwalker: Suffering to Wastes Taskmaster
Wastewalker's Gauntlets to Wing Commander Vipore
Wing Cover Girdle to Wrathful Gladiator's Cloak of Ascendancy
Wrathful Gladiator's Cloak of Deliverance to Zin'jatar Ravager
Zin'jatar Stormsiren to Эстарриэль

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