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"Ambassador" Dagg'thol to API IsControlKeyDown
API IsCurrentAction to Adolescent Nether Drake Essence
Adolescent Whelp to Ancient Amani Longbow
Ancient Amber to Arelion's Knapsack
Arellas Fireleaf to Azure Iron Ore
Azure Key to Battleaxe of the Speaker
Battleboar to Blackened Breastplate of the Vault
Blackened Chain Girdle to Bloodmage Drazial
Bloodmage Gloves to Bracer of Worn Molars
Bracer of the Nightly Raid to Building (garrison)
Building Hillsbrad to Caverns of time
Caves of Deep Night to Cindercloth Leggings
Cindercloth Pants to Conjurer's Bracers
Conjurer's Breeches to Crimsonborne Bracers (heroic)
Crimsonforge Breastplate to Daphne Stilwell
Dappled Stag to Death coil
Death from Above to Design: Mystic Lionseye (Shattered Sun Offensive)
Design: Mystic Lionseye (loot) to Dragon's Touch
Dragon-Quake Shoulderguards to Duskwing Gloves
Duskwing Mantle to Elrendar
Elrendar Crossing to Epic heroic-only items by armor type
Epic marksman to Falling Stars
Falling through the World to Fire Festival Fury
Fire Gland to Forge Camp: Fear
Forge Camp: Hate to Furious Gladiator's Dragonhide Robes
Furious Gladiator's Dragonhide Spaulders to Ghostly Bite
Ghostly Bracers to Glyph of Frost Shock
Glyph of Frost Strike to Gracious Cape
Gradav to Grunty
Grunty the Murloc Marine to Hargh Silvereye
Hargin Mundar to Hero's Bracers
Hero's Brand to Honey Mead
Honeydew Farm to Idol of Perspicacious Attacks
Idol of Pure Thoughts to Instant Poison
Instant Poison II to Join as Group
Join the Battle! to King Thoradin of Arathor
King Tor to Lashlayer
Lashtail Hatchling to Lifegiving Cloak
Lifegiving Gem to Lose Your Illusion (10 player)
Lose Your Illusion (25 player) to Major Yeggeth
Major characters to Mastery: Sniper Training
Mastery: Strikes of Opportunity to Mist-Filled Spirit Lantern
Mist-Piercing Goggles to Murkimus' Little Spear
Murkimus the Gladiator to New horde
New page to Old Magic Broom
Old Man Barlo to Pandaren Kite String (Horde)
Pandaren Kites to Pauldrons of Swift Retribution
Pauldrons of Tempered Will to Plated Elekk Goad
Plated Fist of Hakoo to Public client builds/PTR
Public client builds/PTRbuild to Rare small pet
Rare spawn to Reins of the Cobalt War Talbuk
Reins of the Cobalt War Talbuk (Alliance) to Ring of Omnipotence
Ring of Order to Runed Stormjewel
Runed Stygian Belt to Satyr Trickster
Satyr gimp to Sea.table.isEquivalent
Sea.table.isStringInTableValue to Shadow Vault (Scholomance)
Shadow Vault Cowl to Shrine of the Fallen Warrior
Shrine of the Hawk to Slave pens
Slavedriver's Cane to Spectral Chalice
Spectral Charger to SteelSeries
SteelSeries QcK Pandaren Edition Mousepads to Summoner Teli'Larien
Summoners' Tomb to Taelan Fordring
Taelen to Thassarian
Thassarian's Battlegear to The Sanctum
The Sanctum's Flowing Vestments to Tidebreaker Sailor
Tidebreaker Trident to Trainee's Crossbow
Trainee's Dagger to Twinblade of Mastery
Twinblade of the Hakkari to Valorous Deathbringer Leggings
Valorous Deathbringer Robe to Villager Ai
Villager Alex to Warlord's Aegis
Warlord's Axe to Wildguard Breastplate
Wildguard Helm to World of Warcraft Trading Card Game heroes
World of Warcraft Tribute to Zaetar's Spirit
Zaj'tal to Эстарриэль

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