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This item can be crafted using Tailoring (375); taught by [Pattern: Spellfire Bag].

Materials required
6x [Spellcloth] 4x [Greater Planar Essence]
4x [Netherweb Spider Silk]
Raw Materials
108x [Netherweave Cloth] 12x [Arcane Dust]
60x [Mote of Mana] 60x [Mote of Fire]
4x [Greater Planar Essence] 4x [Netherweb Spider Silk]

Remember, the [Spellcloth] crafting has 4 days cooldown, so creating this bag can be quite long (and buying quite expensive). However, if you have the spellfire specialization, you can craft 2 [Spellcloth] from 1 casting.

Note: As of Patch 3.0.8 there is no longer a cooldown on Spellcloth.

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