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Alliance 32 Stormfeather Outpost
Stormfeather Post (Cataclysm)
Race(s)IconSmall Wildhammer MaleIconSmall Wildhammer Female Wildhammer dwarf
AffiliationAlliance, Wildhammer clan
FacilitiesDone Inn          Undone Mailbox

Done Stables   Undone Anvil & Forge

Undone Bank       Undone Auction House
TravelDone Flight Master Undone Mass-transit

Stormfeather Outpost is a Wildhammer post in the Hinterlands established after the Cataclysm. It has an inn, flight master, and quests for Alliance players.

Flight PathsEdit

Neutral 15 Light's Hope Chapel, Eastern Plaguelands
Neutral 15 Thondroril River, Eastern Plaguelands
Official alliance mini-icon Aerie Peak, Hinterlands
Official alliance mini-icon Refuge Pointe, Arathi Highlands

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