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Alliance 32 Stormwind army
Stormwind Tabard
Main leaderKing Varian Wrynn
Secondary leadersGeneral Marcus Jonathan, Field Marshal Afrasiabi, Major Mattingly
Race(s)Humans (majority), dwarves, high elves
CapitalStormwind City
Theater of operationsElwynn ForestRedridge MountainsNorthrend
Main languageCommon
Secondary languagesDwarven, Thalassian
AlignmentLawful neutral

The Stormwind army is the backbone of Stormwind's Armed Forces. Considered by many to be the proudest men and women in service to the King, these soldiers defend the interest of Stormwind and the Alliance. Recently, the army has been criticized by the leaders of the zones surrounding Elwynn Forest for its lack of response to their needs and neglect of its duties.

Notable NPCs Edit

  • Reginald Windsor was a high ranking Marshal in the Stormwind Army. He was a legendary commander who wielded the epic hammer Ironfoe, and he had been a living legend in Stormwind. He was later assigned the post of commanding all Alliance forces in the Burning Steppes. He was taken captive by a dark iron raiding party, and eventually was rescued and traveled to Stormwind, and revealed that Lady Katrana Prestor was actually Onyxia of the Blackdragon Flight. Marshal Windsor was killed by Onyxia in the keep, and is remembered as one of Stormwind's greatest heroes.
  • Marshal Marris is the leader of the small Stormwind Army unit in Lakeshire. He stands on the bridge of Lakeshire waiting for hope that Stormwind will reinforce his soldiers. He gives the following quests:
Official alliance mini-icon [21] Blackrock Menace
Official alliance mini-icon [23] Shadow Magic (Elite)
Official alliance mini-icon [25] Tharil'zun (Elite)
  • Marshal Dughan is the leader of the Stormwind army in Elwynn Forest, and the elected ruler of that zone. He stands near the blacksmith in Goldshire where he waits for word on the conditions of the area he is responsible for, and gives the following quests:
Official alliance mini-icon [7] The Fargodeep Mine
Official alliance mini-icon [10] The Jasperlode Mine
Official alliance mini-icon [10] Further Concerns
Official alliance mini-icon [10] Cloth and Leather Armor
Official alliance mini-icon [10] Westbrook Garrison Needs Help!
Official alliance mini-icon [10] Manhunt
  • Marshal McBride is in charge of the military forces in Northshire Abbey, the human starting location. He is the quest giver for all of the class-specific introductory quests for humans, as well as the following quests:
Official alliance mini-icon [2] Kobold Camp Cleanup
Official alliance mini-icon [3] Investigate Echo Ridge
Official alliance mini-icon [5] Skirmish at Echo Ridge
Official alliance mini-icon [5] Report to Goldshire

Reactions to the neglect Edit

The Stormwind army has been criticized harshly by the leaders of the surrounding zones, Westfall's Gryan Stoutmantle, Redridge Mountains' Magistrate Solomon, and Duskwood's Lord Ello Ebonlocke, for their lack of response to the zones' troubles. In Redridge, and Lakeshire in particular, there is at least a presence of the Stormwind army, even though the soldiers there, like the ones in Elwynn Forest, give many quests to help alleviate the problems in the zone. In Westfall, the people have formed The People's Militia to fight against the Defias Brotherhood and the gnolls and mechanical monsters that have taken over their fields and the town of Moonbrook. In Duskwood, the people have formed a militia called The Night Watch, assembled to battle the undead, worgen, ogres, and vicious spiders that have taken over most of the zone outside of the town of Darkshire.

Reasons for the neglect Edit

There are numerous reasons that could be used to explain the Stormwind army's inability or refusal to aid the people in the zones surrounding Elwynn Forest. Lack of sufficient manpower, mistaken or intentionally altered information being passed to those in charge, and messages being intercepted and destroyed before reaching key personel are all cited by Lady Katrana Prestor for the army's inaction.

In reality, Lady Prestor is Onyxia, current broodmother and elder of the black dragonflight in disguise. There is evidence linking her to the former disappearance of the King of Stormwind, Varian Wrynn, which caused the ascension of the boy-king Anduin Wrynn, whose ear she has. Her influence keeps the Stormwind army out of areas where she wishes to sow discord and weaken the human influence, ostensibly to enable the plans she and her brother, Nefarian, have for increasing the numbers and power of the black dragonflight.

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