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Sunreaver Onslaught is Horde faction on Isle of Thunder introduced in Patch 5.2, their base is located on western shore of Isle of Thnder, and it is named Dawnseeker Promontory. Sunreavers' main goal is to stop Alliance from obtaining powerful artifacts held by  Thunder King and also fight with


groups of mogu and Zandalari. When reaching exalted with this faction player can obtain Reins of Crimson Primal Direhorn.

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Sunreaver Onslaught is led by many important blood elven leaders (Lor'Themar Theron, Aethas Sunreaver, Halduron Brightwing, Rommath, Aerthas Firehawk and Elsia). They also brought Reliquary here probably to help them to find ancient Thunder King's artifacts.

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