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Neutral 32Talgath
Draeneimale nopic
Gender Male
Race Man'ari eredar
Affiliation Burning Legion
Position Agent of Kil'jaeden
Location Unknown
This article or section contains lore taken from Warcraft novels or short stories.

Talgath was an old friend of Velen, entrusted by the prophet to gather eredar who were wary of Sargeras and his tantalizing offer. Unfortunately, Talgath was seduced by those very promises, and betrayed Velen and his cohorts to Kil'jaeden. In spite of this, the naaru managed to spirit Velen's faction, the draenei, away, bringing the Deceiver's wrath upon him.RotH 12, 14-18

Kil'jaeden was merciful, however, and Talgath was the agent he placed in charge of finding the draenei. For a long time, Talgath remained unsuccessful in his search - he had found countless worlds that had been briefly touched by the draenei, but never their refuge. Talgath was eventually successful however, and located Draenor.RotH 82-5, 96-7

Following this, Kil'jaeden assumed full command of the operation, and Talgath was reassigned. His fate afterwards is unknown. Talgath is one of the high ranking leaders within the Burning Legion infrastructure, being close to even Kil'jaeden.RotH 83

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