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Battm7's Ideas Edit

Well, I came up with this for those people that have ideas: Mine is level to 100, a new faction composed of the Night Elf, Tauren and Pandaren (what happened is tauren and night elf scouts saw some disguised dragons killing a pandaren, their friends, so they get mad and leave their respective factions). The Forsaken have all broken up becuz the necromancy of Arthas left becuz arthas is gone. The Dryads (along with Moonglade) have joined the night elves. Hero Classes: Pandaren: Brewmaster (mauls and guns), Night Elf: Sentinel (mounted/land, bow and glaive, polearm), Tauren: Spiritwalker (Maul, wand, spirit spells), Dryad: Moon Rangers (Bow, moon/healing spells). Human: Knight (Mounted/land, sword and sheild, polearm), Draenei (Purifier, wand, holy spells), Gnome: Tinker (Dagger, bombs), Dwarves: Explorer (maul, axe, gun).Orc: Wolfrider (Mounted/land, axe, crossbow), Trolls: Voodoo Hunter (Bow, daggers), Blood Elf: Bloodmage (flame spells, staffs). What you do is go to Argus and various other legion controlled worlds hunting the legion. On Argus you face Kil'Jaedan, Sargeras, and many of their most prominent minions. You also go through a portal to the Elemental Plane and the Old Gods, you also meet with the Aesir Titans, desperate to stop the corrupted Vanirs. Battm7 (talk)Battm7Battm7 (talk)

I don't think Blizzard would just change the factions like that. What would happen to all the existing Forsaken characters? Would they just get deleted and all the hard work put into them would be wasted? What if someone had made a night elf and they wanted to be in the Alliance? On top of that you would have to find room for a new 10-20 zone, because at the moment tauren and orcs share the Barrens. And that's forgetting the fact that Argus, the Elemental Plane and the Old Gods are probably enough for two or three expansions.
It's a good idea though, but I think it's more likely to be a Warcraft IV or something like that. Jormungand IconSmall Rogue talk · contribs
Please put your ideas in user subpages (aka User:Battm7/Expansion idea) and link them here or General User Ideas section of Expansion ideas. Don't try to put the idea here in the talk page or on the Expansion ideas page. --Gengar orange 22x22 Fandyllic (talk · contr) 2:41 PM PST 11 Feb 2009

5-6 Xpacks? Edit

With all these ideas i counted about 14 Xpacks what if there trying to trick us lol. (Hallowseve15 (talk))

Wrath of War(WoW) Edit


Ragnaros has escaped from Kalimdor to the Northrend to the Bloodflame Hills.He is waiting in Bloodflame Mountain for the final attack, which would open the masive gate beetwen the Azeroth and the infinite worlds consumed by The Buring Legion. Back on Outland:

Deathwing has arrived on Outland.Then he opened the gate beetwen the Outland and its deepholm and he wants to consume its core.

Features: Zones: Bloodflame Hills:Home of Ragnaros.Its center Bloodflame Mountain is crawling with Flame elemantels and the demons from the Great Dark. Raids:Bloodflame Mountain, home of Ragnaros the Firelord.

Outland Deepholm:It was nearly destroyed in explosion that caused Dreanor to explode.Players will fight with Deatwing and his dragon flight.Before that, the fragments of the core must be collected before the deepholm sunder. Raids:Forgoten Wastes:Here players will follow the Archmage Grindaros and his anrmy in their quest to destroy Deathwing forever.

Blasted Isles:The new huge battleground.This zone has 5 islands, 1 Allinace, 1 Horde and other 3 with keeps.Once these keeps are taken By Alliance, guards will change to human guardinas and the other way.

Burning Nether.Something beetwen Shadowmoon Valley and NetherStorm Raids:Nether Throne;Throne of Archdemon Kitarax.Huge Mountain.

Level cap incresed to 90.

Hero Class:Warden:Something beetwen Druid And Rogue.Has fast movement, fast and powerfull attacks but ability to shapeshift into Druid animal forms.His movement speed is incresed be 10%.

Weapomsmithing.Weaponsmithing is both gathering and making profesion.Weaponsmiths can combin parts of of weapons to make a new one.

Misc:Tiny changes on each continents.For ex. Honor Hold on Outland is rebuilt. Graphic:When someone for ex. cast a fire meteor on the grass it will burn for 5 seconds.If someone casts it on the water it will vapor.But if somene casts ice spell on water it will freeze and players and NPC can walk over it for 5 seconds.

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