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Jinx murloc

Murloc plushie

A Talking Murloc Plush Toy is an officially licensed product made by J!NX that stands about a 9 inches (23 cm) tall. It makes electronicized version of the murloc call (but much lower quality) when its lower jaw is squeezed.

From the J!NX product description:

Stalking through your nightmares, the fearsome Murloc unleashes its bone-chilling battle cry: RWLRWLRWLRWL! Fortunately for you, the intrepid J!NX Crew has hunted across Azeroth and pacified the once-feral creatures. They are now plush and fuzzy, and will coo you off to sleep with an oddly familiar lullaby. Cuddle up with your very own Murloc today!
Talking Murloc Plush Toy in box

In box

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