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NeutralNPC 32 Tarenar Sunstrike
Gender Male
Race Blood elf (Humanoid)
Level 46
Health 1,535
Mana 1,587
Reaction Alliance Horde
Position Paladin
Location Several places in Eastern Plaguelands

Tarenar Sunstrike is a level 46 blood elf paladin who hopes to become a sworn member of the Argent Crusade, along with his companions. He is also a member of Fiona's caravan troupe in the Eastern Plaguelands.

He appears to be somewhat young (especially by elven standards), as he notes that he would often sneak into the Ghostlands to do battle with the undead in his youth - the Ghostlands only claiming that name a few short years ago.


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Note: This is a NPC section stub. You can help expand it by clicking  Edit to the right of the section title.
  • Tarenar Sunstrike yells: Do not!
  • Tarenar Sunstrike says: Actually, I agree with Fiona.
  • Tarenar Sunstrike says: Ahhhhh ha ha haa!
  • Tarenar Sunstrike says: Because I won our bet. And because I called shotgun.
  • Tarenar Sunstrike says: Because you're short.
  • Tarenar Sunstrike says: Fine. I killed five zombies. And they were huge. How many undead did you kill?
  • Tarenar Sunstrike says: Fiona, I must warn you: Gidwin only wants to sit in front because he wants to kiss you.
  • Tarenar Sunstrike says: Giddy... you're mad at me, aren't you?
  • Tarenar Sunstrike says: Gidwin? Are you ignoring me?
  • Tarenar Sunstrike says: I didn't. You just told me!
  • Tarenar Sunstrike says: I'm dead serious. I've completely forgotten.
  • Tarenar Sunstrike says: I'm going to bet that you only killed four.
  • Tarenar Sunstrike says: Noble work.
  • Tarenar Sunstrike says: Remember when we were kids, Gidwin? We would spend all day pretending to fight the trolls, or the murlocs, or the girls.
  • Tarenar Sunstrike says: Shotgun!
  • Tarenar Sunstrike says: So seriously, how did your undead hunting go? I want to hear stories.
  • Tarenar Sunstrike says: Take that! Taste the Light!
  • Tarenar Sunstrike says: The Argent Crusade can wait for us a little while longer. Besides... our guest may want to get off the caravan soon.
  • Tarenar Sunstrike says: This is too easy.
  • Tarenar Sunstrike says: We had a name we called ourselves... what was it?
  • Tarenar Sunstrike says: Whoah... he lets you call him Max?
  • Tarenar Sunstrike says: Wow. Is it just me, or did that one die really fast?


  • The game suggests on multiple occasions that Tarenar has a crush on Fiona. The banter during the second dialogue of Fiona's Caravan, Gidwin Goldbraids suggests that Tarenar would like to kiss Fiona a hundred times. Tarenar refutes the claim. Moreover, the quest description for Neutral 15  [43] Impatience says "He (Gidwin) is always getting me in trouble with Fiona. Look at her! She won't even TALK to me!".
  • Tarenar Sunstrike is one of the random NPCs that may assist you while completing the quest Neutral 15  [85DailyThe Protectors of Hyjal after Patch 4.2.

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