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The item's slight increase in run speed is an 8% increase that does not stack. The 8% speed boost does apply to druid bear form and cat form, but not to travel form, swim form, nor dash. The boots also provide a 5% increase in walking speed and a 5% increase to druid cat form prowl speed.

The boot's passive stat Run Speed Increase does not stack with [Enchant Boots - Minor Speed], [Figurine - Golden Hare], nor any other effect that gives a passive boost to running speed. No passive speed increases stack.

This template places a boilerplate note about passive speed boosts not stacking with the Arathi Basin boots (which all have a passive speed boost). It was created for Arathi Basin reward item boot articles. It is a template because the very same format note about passive speed boosts not stacking is used on all the boot pages.

There are no parameters for this template.

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