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Creates a WoW Armory player link to add to a wiki page. See also {{elink}}.

1= armory path, like 'item/70597' or 'character/Doomhammer/Fred'
2= (Optional) region, like us, eu, etc... Default is 'us'.
3= (Optional) link name. Defaults to '70597' or 'Fred'.
optional structured syntax
1= first term, like server or realm name, or item id
2= (Optional) second term, like character name
3= (Optional) region, like us, eu, etc... Default is 'us'.
4= (Optional) link text override. Default is simple user name only.
type= [character,item] (Optional) type of armory item to find. Default is 'character'.
common options
lang= (Optional) language to present armory page in, like en, es, ru, etc... Default is user lang.
:{{armory|character/Doomhammer/Fred}} (full path to character)
:{{armory|item/70598}} (full path to item)
:{{armory|game/class/death-knight}} (game class)
:{{armory|guild/Doomhammer/Demise}} (guild)
:{{armory|guild/Doomhammer/Demise/?character{{=}}fred}} (guild of fred)
:{{armory|Doomhammer/Fred}} (paths default to character)
:{{armory|Doomhammer|Fred}} (structured syntax version of link to char)
:{{armory|Aegwynn|Luna|eu}} (link to char in EU region)
:{{armory|Aegwynn|Luna|eu|lang=ru|Luna (Aegwynn EU)}} (EU region, in Russian)
:{{armory|Doomhammer|Fred|lang=es}} (link to char in US region, in Spanish)
:{{armory|70597|type=item|lang=en|||Vicious Gladiator's Mail Armor}} (in English)
:{{Armory|Der abyssische Rat/Senra|eu}}
:{{Armory|Der abyssische Rat|Senra|eu}}
:{{Armory|game/pvp/battlegrounds/deepwind-gorge||Deepwind Gorge}}
Note: these are random picks. i do not know them. all apologies to Fred and Luna.
Icon-armory-18x18 Fred (Doomhammer US) (full path to character)
Icon-armory-18x18 70598 (full path to item)
Icon-armory-18x18 death-knight (game class)
Icon-armory-18x18 Demise (Doomhammer US) (guild)
Icon-armory-18x18 Demise (Doomhammer US) (guild of fred)
Icon-armory-18x18 Fred (Doomhammer US) (paths default to character)
Icon-armory-18x18 Fred (structured syntax version of link to char)
Icon-armory-18x18 Luna (link to char in EU region)
Icon-armory-18x18 Luna (Aegwynn EU) (EU region, in Russian)
Icon-armory-18x18 Fred (link to char in US region, in Spanish)
Icon-armory-18x18 Vicious Gladiator's Mail Armor (in English)
Icon-armory-18x18 Senra (Der abyssische Rat EU)
Icon-armory-18x18 Senra
Icon-armory-18x18 Darts
Icon-armory-18x18 Chekov (Stormrage EU)
Icon-armory-18x18 Deepwind Gorge


Icon-armory-18x18 Armory

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