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This template is a gateway to the Google Charts API.

Options Edit

  • type is the chart type.
  • data is the chart data.
  • width is chart width.
  • height is the chart height.
  • legend is the chl value.
  • link is the page the chart will link to.
  • colors is a list of the chart colors.
  • options are options to pass directly to the api, for example "chf=bg,s,000033".
  • float allows to define the image's alignment.

Example Edit

 | type = p3
 | data = t:60,40
 | width = 250
 | height = 100
 | legend = Hello|World
 | colors = 000033,003300
 | link = Template:Chart

Results in:

Unknown extension tag "imagelink"

Notes Edit

You must use <nowiki>|</nowiki>, {{!}} will NOT work.

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