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Creates an external link with icon, providing a consistent standard for the External Links section.

{{Elink|<prefix=>|<type=(see below)>|<icon=icon_name>|<site=link_name>|<link=link_url>|<desc=page_name/desc>|<bydate=author_datetime>}}

  • prefix = Optional prefix text before the icon.
  • type = Will automatically give the link a default styling (icon, site, title...) depending on the given parameter. Icons are defaulted to the type. Currently, the accepted parameters are: allakhazam, blizzard, blizzcon, blizzconeu, blizzconus, blizzeu, blizzus, blizzplanet, bneteu, bnetus, bnetshopeu, bnetshopus, bnetsupporteu, bnetsupportus, bnetwoweu, bnetwowus, curse, icyveins or icyveinscom, mmochampion, petopia, sol, thottbot, vimeo, wikipedia, wowhead, wowinsider, and youtube.
Examples of type elink
  • icon = Optional icon to show at start of link. Give only the image name, leave off the "[[File:Icon-" and "-22x22.png]]". If not defined, Icon-external-22x22 is used. Do not use just icon= (blank value).
Examples of icons
Icons available (no corresponding type= parameter):
Icon-add-22x22 add, Icon-delete-22x22 delete, Icon-remove-22x22 remove, Icon-back-22x22 back, Icon-down-22x22 down, Icon-next-22x22 next, Icon-up-22x22 up
Icon-download-22x22 download, Icon-edit-22x22 edit, Icon-lock-22x22 lock, Icon-new-22x22 new, Icon-move-22x22 move, Icon-revert-22x22 revert, Icon-search-22x22 search
Icon-cleanup-22x22 cleanup, Icon-disambig-22x22 disambig, Icon-redirect-22x22 redirect, Icon-split-22x22 split
Icon-help-22x22 help, Icon-information-22x22 information, Icon-question-22x22 question, Icon-warning-22x22 warning
Icon-api-22x22 api, Icon-article-22x22 article, Icon-boilerplate-22x22 boilerplate, Icon-policy-22x22 policy, Icon-stub-22x22 stub, Icon-template-22x22 template
Icon-audio-22x22 audio, Icon-chat-22x22 chat, Icon-email-22x22 email, Icon-external-22x22 external, Icon-externalarticle-22x22 externalarticle
Icon-addon-22x22 addon, Icon-image-22x22 image, Icon-imagedelete-22x22 imagedelete, Icon-thumbnail-22x22 thumbnail, Icon-map-22x22 map, Icon-out-22x22 out
Icon-patch-22x22 patch, Icon-player-22x22 player, Icon-group-22x22 group, Icon-popular-22x22 popular, Icon-user-22x22 user
Flag icons available (no corresponding type= parameter):
Icon-brazil-22x22 brazil, Icon-britain-22x22 britain, Icon-china-22x22 china, Icon-eu-22x22 eu, Icon-france-22x22 france, Icon-germany-22x22 germany, Icon-italy-22x22 italy,
Icon-japan-22x22 japan, Icon-korea-22x22 korea, Icon-mexico-22x22 mexico, Icon-portugal-22x22 portugal, Icon-russia-22x22 russia, Icon-spain-22x22 spain, Icon-taiwan-22x22 taiwan, Icon-usa-22x22 usa,
Site icons available (no corresponding type= parameter):
Icon-25man-22x22 25man, Icon-almostgaming-22x22 almostgaming, Icon-amazon-22x22 amazon, Icon-apple-22x22 apple, Icon-armory-22x22 armory, Icon-barnesandnoble-22x22 barnesandnoble,
Icon-bneteu-22x22 bneteu, Icon-bnetus-22x22 bnetus, Icon-bradygames-22x22 bradygames, Icon-classicbnet-22x22 classicbnet, Icon-cosmosui-22x22 cosmosui, Icon-crafterstome-22x22 crafterstome,
Icon-cryptowowtcg-22x22 cryptowowtcg, Icon-cryptozoic-22x22 cryptozoic, Icon-darklegacycomics-22x22 darklegacycomics, Icon-dccomics-22x22 dccomics, Icon-elitistjerks-22x22 elitistjerks, Icon-elsanglin-22x22 elsanglin,
Icon-facebook-22x22 facebook, Icon-fantasyflightgames-22x22 fantasyflightgames, Icon-filefront-22x22 filefront, Icon-franksplace-22x22 franksplace, Icon-gamebunny-22x22 gamebunny, Icon-gamespot-22x22 gamespot,
Icon-gamespy-22x22 gamespy, Icon-guildprogress-22x22 guildprogress, Icon-icyveinscom-22x22 icyveinscom, Icon-ign-22x22 ign, Icon-joystiq-22x22 joystiq, Icon-kotaku-22x22 kotaku, Icon-L2R-22x22 L2R,
Icon-lootables-22x22 lootables, Icon-lorecrafted-22x22 lorecrafted, Icon-magelo-22x22 magelo, Icon-maintankadin-22x22 maintankadin, Icon-massively-22x22 massively, Icon-mmo4ever-22x22 mmo4ever,
Icon-thenoobschool-22x22 thenoobschool, Icon-pcgamer-22x22 pcgamer, Icon-pennyarcade-22x22 pennyarcade, Icon-steam-22x22 steam, Icon-tankspot-22x22 tankspot, Icon-tentonhammer-22x22 tentonhammer,
Icon-twitter-22x22 twitter, Icon-upperdeck-22x22 upperdeck, Icon-upperdeckwow-22x22 upperdeckwow, Icon-warcraftmovies-22x22 warcraftmovies, Icon-WarcraftPets-22x22 WarcraftPets, Icon-wikia-22x22 wikia,
Icon-worldofraids-22x22 worldofraids, Icon-worldofwar-22x22 worldofwar, Icon-wow-22x22 wow, Icon-wowace-22x22 wowace, Icon-wowbluetracker-22x22 wowbluetracker, Icon-wowdb-22x22 wowdb,
Icon-wowheadnews-22x22 wowheadnews, Icon-wowi-22x22 wowi, Icon-wowincgamers-22x22 wowincgamers, Icon-wowjutsu-22x22 wowjutsu, Icon-wowpedia-22x22 wowpedia, Icon-wowraider-22x22 wowraider,
Icon-wowrp-22x22 wowrp, Icon-wowwiki-22x22 wowwiki,
Icons available (has corresponding type parameter):
Icon-bnet-22x22 bnet, Icon-bneteu-22x22 bneteu, bnetshopeu, or bnetsupporteu, Icon-bnetus-22x22 bnetus, bnetshopus, or bnetsupportus,
Icon-bnetwoweu-22x22 bnetwoweu, Icon-bnetwowus-22x22 bnetwowus, Icon-blizzard-22x22 blizzard, Icon-blizzcon-22x22 blizzcon, Icon-blizzconeu-22x22 blizzconeu, Icon-blizzconus-22x22 blizzconus,
Icon-blizzeu-22x22 blizzeu, Icon-blizzus-22x22 blizzus,
Icon-allakhazam-22x22 allakhazam, Icon-blizzplanet-22x22 blizzplanet, Icon-curse-22x22 curse, Icon-icyveinscom-22x22 icyveins or icyveinscom, Icon-mmochampion-22x22 mmochampion,
Icon-petopia-22x22 petopia, Icon-sol-22x22 sol, Icon-thottbot-22x22 thottbot, Icon-vimeo-22x22 vimeo, Icon-wikipedia-22x22 wikipedia, Icon-wowdb-22x22 wowdb, Icon-wowhead-22x22 wowhead,
Icon-wowinsider-22x22 wowinsider, Icon-youtube-22x22 youtube
  • site = Simple name for the site, used as the link text. This should be the domain name (cleaned up, capitalized, drop the '.com', etc) or the guild name "Example Guild (Example Server US)"
  • link = URL to link to.
    • url = Can be used alternatively, but is not recommended.
  • desc = Optional description of what can be found at the link, placed after the link in plain text.
    • title = Can be used alternatively, but is not recommended.
  • bydate = Optional appears after the description in 90% of font-size (smaller).
    • author = Can be used alternatively, but is not recommended. Will only show if |bydate= not used.
    • date = Can be used alternatively with |author=, but is not recommended. Will only show if |author= is used and |bydate= not used.
This: {{Elink|link=|site=Example Site|desc=This is an example external link|bydate=by a WoWWikian 15-Jul-2011 11:00 PM PST}}
This: {{Elink|prefix=Take from|link=|site=Example Source Site|desc=This is an example source external link}}
Using icons not listed
You can use icons not listed, if they are uploaded to WoWWiki.
Before using an icon it should meet the following criteria:
  • The image should be a PNG with the extension .png (lowercase).
  • The image should be 22 pixels high by 22 pixels wide.
  • The name of the image file should be in the form: Icon-name-22x22.png
Before adding the icon to the list on Template:Elink/doc, please ask for feedback on Template talk:Elink.

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