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Age Of The Giants: Edit

level (100-110)

Added race: vrycul horde - titan alliance

Added class: ancient (uses mail armour uses spells to lift up earth and use weapons kinda like a shamen warrior mix)

New continent: cailfuras ( the homeland of the vrycul, now taken over by the titans) it is on the back side of azeroth and Icarus land in the sky for titans)

Story: the vrycul had made a ship and taken it to kalendor and mistaken vol'jin for a titan because of a spell, and so once they got to cailfuras they where told what happen and vol'jin explained what happen and invited the vrycul to the horde, the vrycul are led by talkuros, (now for the titans) the titans live on Icarus the skyworld and the titans are led by titanius and the alliance ;s kings joined together and talked about how they are going to need to get to cailfuras after being told about it to the s7 agents from spying on the horde and they called for the titans and asked if they would join the alliance and they accepted .

)Main Raids(: fall of nea'lotha where the alliance and horde go to the mailstorm and go thru deep holm and go thru the middle of the

earth and find find nea'lotha the old god and end him/her.

(SPOILERS) thrall dies in the fight with nea'lotha.

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