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Create a inline link to IMDB for the current wiki page. See {{IMDb name}} for by name. See also {{elink}}.


This is a template to generate links to Internet Movie Database, used exclusively for TITLES.

  • 1 = IMDb name ID #.
  • 2 = Name (uses {{PAGENAME}} by default).
  • short = 1 Optional Suppress the following: " at the Icon-imdb-22x22 Internet Movie Database"

The required parameter is the ID number. The template then uses the article title as the anchor text:

* {{IMDb title|ID}}

To have the link text be other than the article name, use second parameter:

* {{IMDb title|ID|Name}}
Note that the examples include the "*" for a bulleted list since this is most likely to be used in an "External links" section.


IMDb link title at the Icon-imdb-22x22 Internet Movie Database

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