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Instance portal green Molten Core
Molten Core loading screen
Molten Core loading screen
LocationInside Blackrock Depths, Blackrock Mountain
Race(s) IconSmall Fire Fire elementals
End bossRagnaros
Raid info
Advised level60
Minimum level55
Player limit40
KeyAttunement to the Core
Other raids
{{infobox instance

This template is to replace the "Characteristics" section of instance pages. Feel free to further develop it. It is only for use on main instance pages.

  • name = zone name (default PAGENAME)
    • namesize = Optional name font-size (default: large)
  • aka = also known as (acronyms)
  • ss = ideal picture of zone [optional]
  • caption = image caption
  • loc = general area of zone [optional]
  • races or race = races within the faction. Please use the following separated by line breaks (<br />): [optional]
    {{Race|Night Elf}} = IconSmall NightElf Male IconSmall NightElf Female  Night elf
    {{Race|Dwarf}} = IconSmall Dwarf Male IconSmall Dwarf Female  Dwarf
    {{Race|Gnome}} = IconSmall Gnome Male IconSmall Gnome Female  Gnome
    {{Race|Human}} = IconSmall Human Male IconSmall Human Female  Human
    {{Race|Draenei}} = IconSmall Draenei Male IconSmall Draenei Female  Draenei
    {{Race|Orc}} = IconSmall Orc Male IconSmall Orc Female  Orc
    {{Race|Troll}} = IconSmall Troll Male IconSmall Troll Female  Troll
    {{Race|Tauren}} = IconSmall Tauren Male IconSmall Tauren Female  Tauren
    {{Race|Undead}} = IconSmall Undead Male IconSmall Undead Female  Undead
    {{Race|Blood Elf}} = IconSmall Blood Elf Male IconSmall Blood Elf Female  Blood elf
    {{Race|Goblin}} = IconSmall Goblin Male IconSmall Goblin Female  Goblin
    {{Race|Dark Iron}} = IconSmall DarkIron Male IconSmall DarkIron Female  Dark Iron dwarf
    or other when needed - see Template:Race
  • boss = endboss/leader of the instance [optional]
  • variation = Optional variation of instance
    • Arena Instance portal red Pvp-arenapoints-icon to left of instance name header and changes "Instance info" header text to "Arena info"
    • Arena Instance portal red Pvpcurrency-honor-both to left of instance name header and changes "Instance info" header text to "Battleground info"
    • Heroic Instance portal purple to left of instance name header
    • Raid Instance portal green to left of instance name header and changes "Instance info" header text to "Raid info"
    • Scenario → changes "Instance info" header text to "Scenario info"
    • Default: → Instance portal blue to left of instance name header
  • type = type of zone - Raid or Wing, etc ("Raid" will add {{Raids}} navigation) [optional]
  • level = advised levels for the zone [optional]
  • hlevel = advised level for Heroic mode version [optional]
  • minlevel = minimum level required to enter instance [optional]
  • minqlevel = minimum level required to queue in Dungeon Finder[optional]
  • minilvl = minimum average item level required to enter instance [optional]
  • players = number of players allowed [optional]
  • key = keys required for entry [optional]
  • bosses = collapsible frame for list of bosses; typically uses {{instance_name}} [optional]
  • lockout = how often does the instance reset? 3 days? 1 week? [optional]

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