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Examples Edit

Required parametersEdit

  • {{navbar/dev|Name of Template}} the template name is required.

Optional parametersEdit

Options Parameters Produces...
Normal {{navbar/dev|Template Name}}
No "This box:" text. {{navbar/dev|Template Name|plain=1}}
Short version. {{navbar/dev|Template Name|mini=1}}
Good for "blending" into text. {{navbar/dev|Template Name|nodiv=1}} Lorem  This box: view  talk  edit  Ipsum
Blended, no "This box:" text. {{navbar/dev|Template Name|plain=1|nodiv=1}} Lorem  view  talk  edit  Ipsum
Blended, short version. {{navbar/dev|Template Name|mini=1|nodiv=1}} Lorem  v  d  e  Ipsum
For a color option. {{navbar/dev|Template Name|fontstyle=color:green}}
With brackets. {{navbar/dev|Template Name|brackets=1}}

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