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Small Icon only template; links to the selected stat:

  • APB Stat Agility Agility, Agi
  • APB Stat Intellect Intellect, Int
  • APB Stat Spirit Spirit, Spi
  • APB Stat Stamina Stamina, Sta
  • APB Stat Strength Strength, Str
  • APB Stat Armor Armor
  • APB Stat Health Health, HP
  • APB Stat Mana Mana, MP
  • Spell arcane arcanetorrent Haste rating, Haste
  • Spell nature stormreach Critical Strike Rating, Crit
  • Ability marksmanship Hit rating, Hit
  • Achievement arena 5v5 3 Resilience rating, Res
  • Inv elemental primal mana Mana regeneration, MP5
  • Inv elemental primal life Health regeneration, HP5
  • Ability druid berserk Attack Power, AP
  • Spell holy sealofwrath Defense rating, Defense
  • Ability parry Parry rating, Parry
  • Spell nature invisibilty Dodge rating, Dodge
  • Ability defend Block rating, Block
  • Ability warrior charge Expertise rating, Exp
  • Ability warrior shieldbreak Armor penetration rating, ARP
  • Ability warrior shieldmastery Block value, BV
  • Spell holy renew Spell Power, SP
  • Spell shadow sacrificialshield Spell penetration rating, SPN


  • {{StatIcon|<Stat>}}


  • APB Stat Stamina

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