The Maker

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CombatMobElite 32 The Maker
Gender Male
Race Mo'arg (Demon)
Level 62 (normal)
71 (heroic)
Health ~38,000 (normal)
~100,000 (heroic)
Location The Blood Furnace in Hellfire Citadel
Status Killable
See Icon-3D-48x48
[[Category:Level 62 (normal)
71 (heroic)

The Maker is the first boss of the Blood Furnace in Hellfire Citadel. The Maker is a fairly simple encounter; most groups of level 60ish characters should have no troubles with him.

Strategy Edit

He has four special abilities, which he will use randomly throughout the fight:

  • A melee knockup attack which will hit everyone in melee range and appears to have a threat reduction component
  • Domination (Mind Control on a target that increases the target's damage and healing by 100%. Domination is non dispellable)
  • Acid Spray (melee range AoE spray of acid)
  • Throw Beaker (throws a beaker at a target, dealing 1000-1200 nature damage and knocks target into the air)

He doesn't hit particularly hard and can generally be DPS burnt pretty quickly.

Quotes Edit


  • My work must not be interrupted.
  • Perhaps I can find a use for you.
  • Anger... Hate... These are tools I can use.

Killing a player:

  • Let's see what I can make of you.
  • It is pointless to resist.


  • Stay away from... me.

Loot Edit

Normal Drops

Heroic Drops
Spell holy championsbond 200200

Jewels (Heroic Only)

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