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A thistleshrub is a large plantMG 132 and plant elementalLoM 60 found in Tanaris. These elementals protect the Thistleshrub Valley - these are creatures of living vines, attacking anything that comes near.LoM 58

It looks like a patch of cactus-like briars that shudders and then begins to move. It forms massive, gnarled arms covered in wicked thorns. A typical thistleshrub stands 12 feet high and 8 feet wide. They weigh 800 pounds. Thistleshrubs are exceptionally hardy ambulatory plants that meander about the desert seeking sources of water close to the surface. Mindless, they seek out other living creatures in order to drain liquids and minerals from their bodies.

Thistleshrubs often hide among normal plants, so that they appear to be nothing more than a few twisted brambles or vines. They absorb all moisture from the ground, holding it within their bodies in special dew glands. Because they take all nearby sources of moisture for themselves, thereby killing other plants, most consider them ecological menaces to be destroyed on sight. Even druids tend to have little compunction about putting down these destructive creatures.

Thistleshrubs immobilize any moving foe with roots, then move in and pound their prey to death. A thistleshrub always attacks the foe with the most fluid -- i.e, usually the largest one. They ignore constructs and creatures with no water content unless such creatures attack them first.MG 132


  • The plant creatures bog beast, timberlings, and conglomerate elemental creature tar beast, while using the same model as thistleshrubs are each treated as separate types of creatures.MG 131-134 However thistleshrub is like a subcategory of overall bog beast category.
  • In lore thistleshrubs are described as both elementals and ambulatory plants. Brann calls them plant elementalsLoM #?, but have also been also described as large plants (with no elemental connection given).MG #?

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