Throne of Kil'jaeden

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Throne of Kil'jaeden

Throne of Kil'jaeden


Doom Lord Kazzak and his Deathforge Automaton guards at the Throne of Kil'jaeden

The Throne of Kil'jaeden is a massive mountain located at ([63, 16]); north of the Horde outpost of Thrallmar on Outland's Hellfire Peninsula. The mountain was so named by the warlock Gul'dan. Now that Lord Kazzak has re-opened the Dark Portal, he can be found here (as Doom Lord Kazzak), and notably much stronger than before. The troops of the Throne are comprised primarily of doom lords and infernals, numbering in the thousands. To this day not a single army has successfully attacked the throne.[citation needed]

The location is only accessible by flying mount or by the Captured Legion Scroll. Prior to Patch 2.4 it was not recommended for anyone without at least a small group to venture here, for the elite demons roaming the area were almost as challenging as their leader. The Throne of Kil'jaeden has since become a daily quest location for the Shattered Sun Offensive, and the mobs were changed. There are now many felblood elves siphoning the life forces of suspended Terrorguards, as well as wandering Wrath Heralds and Incandescent Fel Sparks.



Shortly before the opening of the Dark Portal, Gul'dan called the orc clans to the mountain to drink the blood of Mannoroth, thus enslaving them to the Burning Legion's will.RotH 309

Blood elves

After the presumed defeat of Kael'thas Sunstrider, his blood elf forces were led through a portal here to the Isle of Quel'Danas. The highest ranking of these forces were allowed to consume demon blood, becoming the first felblood elves. Some remain at the throne and continue to consume demonic energy.

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