Triumphant Liadrin's Battlegear (heroic)

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Triumphant Liadrin's Battlegear (heroic) is the upper paladin Tier 9 set. The lower set is Conqueror's Liadrin's Battlegear, the middle set is Triumphant Liadrin's Battlegear and the Alliance equivalent of this set is Triumphant Turalyon's Battlegear (heroic).


Icon-shortcutSee also: Official alliance mini-iconTuralyon's Garb or Official horde mini-iconLiadrin's Garb for the healer (holy) set.
See also: Official alliance mini-iconTuralyon's Plate or Official horde mini-iconLiadrin's Plate for the tank (protection) set.

Triumphant Liadrin's Battlegear (heroic)
Inv chest plate 23
Inv gauntlets 65
Inv helmet 98
Inv pants plate 30
Inv shoulder 62

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