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Chapter Two: The Swift Takeover Edit

As the gnomes ran across the snow, they all knew one thing: If they die, Gnomeregan will be lost forever. Mekkatorque was guided by the Draenei lieutenants. The leper gnomes were quickly killed. Mekkatorque whispered to the Draenei, “Such a cold night for redemption.” The Draenei nodded.

The gnomes marched down the ramps of the city. They killed the dozens of the lepers, but they stopped at the sight of the troggs. Mekkatorque walked to the front, and snarled at the troggs. He looked back at the gnomes, “This is our day, this is our redemption. Do not fear the troggs, they are unorganized. They stood here getting weaker while we got stronger!” He turned, and motioned the rifles be shot at the troggs. Dozens of different models, each invented by the gnome wielding it. The troggs were angered, but any living form was massacred. The gnomes peaceful nature was abandoned, and replaced with vengeance.

Mekkatorque led his elite forces across the city, killing every trogg and leper they came across. However, even with the Draenei by their side, no gnome was ready for what would happen next. In a matter of seconds, a huge force of lepers and dark irons came falling on the gnomish force. They fought a good fight, but every gnome saw what happened. High Tinker Mekkatorque was impaled by a dark iron. His blood spewed on his guards. The Draenei kill the assailant, but it was too late. However, the gnomes, fearing they would never see Gnomeregan again, pushed the attacking lepers into a corner. The gnomes squared off, but the Gnomeregan Exiles were victorious.

The Draenei led the gnomes down the city to the Tinkers’ Court. They killed the guards and readied them-selves for a battle like none other. They opened the door, and ran in. Only too find a destroyed mechanical suit laid near the entrance. They searched the room, with speed and nervousness. Then a Draenei yelled, “Look, he’s up there.” Hanging, dead, was Sicco Thermaplugg. He bled on the floor and it glowed green. His eyes were black.

The gnomes were stunned, but their ponders were greeted with full fledged force of dark iron dwarves lead by a dark Paladin. He yelled out to the gnomes, “Hello my new friends, my name is Soldrin Skullbeard. You have laid waste to too many allies of the Dark Irons tonight. Prepare for your destiny.” His white beard begin to go on fire, and he was startled. He tripped and his right arm was cut by the sword of a guard. He began bleeding out black blood. His guards were so astonished, that they began hewing him to avoid any bad omens.

They all looked up, listening to a deep voice, “Hello my new friends, my name is Gagin Wiredesigns. You have killed too many gnomish allies. We now know our destiny.” The gnomes were glad to hear the confident voice of the powerful mage. They began charging at the dark irons. Some chanted, “For Gnomeregan, for Mekkatorque!” The dark irons dropped their weapons and ran to the hall of gears. Cornered, they began jumping off the edge, only to fall to their death. The gnomes were cheering and chanting.

The Final Regime

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