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HordeNPC 32Almárëa Iskulbee
Rea Art
Gender Female
Race Blood elf
Character class Blood Knight/Paladin
Location Unknown
Relative(s) Rishk (Uncle), Uial (Sister)

Almárëa Ishkulbee Edit

Almárëa is a Blood Elf Blood Knight. She had dedicated a lot of time recently to assisting the Shattered Sun Offensive at the behest of Lady Liadrin, until the Lady requested she endeavor to strengthen her ties with other races of the Horde, to become an emissary of sorts for the Blood Knights. Rea is an Ambassador for the Horde now, and has been working with all the races in Northrend as well as on the home front.

Even though Rea is still technically of the order Blood Knights, she has found that many no longer support them, and with just cause after what the attack on Silvermoon City revealed. She remains true to Lady Liadrin and her purpose to redeem the order and the race as a whole, but it is no longer a regular sight to see her in the armor and tabard of the order.

Description Edit

At 4'11", Rea is tiny, even for a Blood Elf, and especially for one who has been in plate for most of her life. Her form is sturdy, rather than willowy like most of her kin, and strongly muscled for her size. Even so, she is far from tomboyish in silhouette; overall, she looks like she should be a short Human more than any Elven race.

Her irises are a brilliant emerald green, but the glow of her race has receded to a mostly blue hue after she stopped using fel energies (which she didn't use much of to begin with).

Her olive skin sports several scars; most notable is the one that follows her jawline, although there are a few peeking out here and there, no matter her garb.

Her raven hair is kept either in a short high ponytail, or cut into a short bob.

She has taken to dropping off her armor at a smithy when in towns, but doesn't leave herself defenseless; she either has a sword strapped to her hip, or a knife tucked away somewhere.

Personality Edit

Everything about Rea stems from her four decades as a warrior, as well as her upbringing. She is not ladylike by any stretch of the imagination; even if one were to catch her wearing a dress, she is likely still in a rather "inappropriate" pose in her favorite tavern. She is a regular imbiber of fine whiskeys, but is not one to become drunk; she prefers to stay clear-headed.

She is a very private person, strongly disliking crowds and not fond of being "overly social"; more than two people speaking to her normally breaches her limit, and she really prefers one-on-one conversation when she is in a social mood.

Crossing her or one of her few close friends/loved ones is definitely a hazard to one's health; however, if you manage to somehow gain her trust and friendship, expect nothing less than what she gives others. Some who know her well might even say that she is like a mother bear due to the fact that she would give her own life to protect those she holds dear.

There are some who say that Rea seems much more like an Orc in personality than any Blood Elf. She is an avid fisher, and can often be seen with her Mastercraft Kalu'ak Fishing Pole in hand and Weather-Beaten Fishing Hat on her head when not in combat.

As an accomplished Chef, she also often grills up her catches or other tasty delicacies to satiate her seemingly boundless appetite.

History (up through Burning Crusade)Edit

Rea will reveal information about her childhood and youth to people sooner than she will reveal parts of her recent history, and those who know what she has gone through do not blame her.

The eldest daughter of Vehiron and Raina Ishkulbee and niece of Rishk Ishkulbee, Rea was a surrogate son to her father and uncle, both of whom were warriors. Her younger sisters received basic combat training at the insistence of their father, but Rea's education went further. When she came of age and left for formal training, she fulfilled her father's greatest dream of seeing one of his children follow in his footsteps.

She met and married a mage named Dûrion Eruwaedhiel sometime after her 80th birthday.

For three decades, Rea was a simple warrior, defending the areas near her hometown of Fairbreeze Village from the random small threats that were common in day-to-day life. When the Orcs and Trolls attacked Quel'thalas, Rea was called upon to defend her homeland alongside her father, uncle, husband, and a few sisters. Luckily, most of her family survived; however, a younger sister and novice ranger, Vanya, was killed. Rea speaks little of the loss or of the sister; only family truly know of her.

When Arthas led the Scourge attacks on her homeland, Rea and her brethren once again were called upon to defend. Unfortunately, Rea suffered a greater blow during these attacks; not only did she lose yet another sister, a budding mage named Airethiel, but her father fell in battle. Rea speaks little of what has become of her mother; apparently after the news of Vehiron's death reached Raina, she fell seriously ill. She is either still in such a state-- on the brink of death-- or dead; Rea speaks of her as if she is dead, however.

When Kael'thas led some of her people through the Dark Portal, her youngest sister, Uial and her husband were some of those who followed.

When Lady Liadrin introduced the Blood Elves to the ways of the Blood Knights, Rea was one of the first warriors to receive such training. Originally, she simply used the powers of the Light to supplement her already extensive warrior training and experience.

All that changed with the betrayal of Prince Kael'thas and his attacks upon Silvermoon; Rea was called upon to defend, and faced a grievous blow; one of the Felbloods whom the prince brought along for the attack was once her beloved husband, and she didn't realize it until after she had killed him. Only a few extremely close people know of this and what the guilt has done to her. After the realization of her opponent's identity hit, Rea found herself no longer willing to fight on the front lines, and slipped behind a group of comrades, instead suddenly focusing on supporting their efforts.

She has since avoided direct combat, especially against Kael's forces, whenever possible, and has become more akin to a priest than her warrior heritage. The fear of coming across in battle the sisters whose whereabouts are unknown, or other people she previously cared for, has engulfed her.

Her youngest sister, Uial, has returned to Silvermoon, much to the relief of Rea.

Extras Edit

  • Rea is rather difficult to start up a conversation with.
    Rea Blue Dress

    Rea in a dress sent to her by Uial.

  • Only her family knows about what happened to her husband. Some recent acquaintances do not even know she was previously married.
  • Rea is rather proud, but more of her skills in battle than of anything "frivolous". She considers many Blood Elves, including her baby sister, to be relatively shallow and vapid.
  • Rea has begun humoring her baby sister by wearing some of the various garments the young tailor sends to her on occasion. She usually acts uncomfortable in them, however, and prefers her battlegear.
  • Even when in "civilian" clothes, Rea is always armed, even if it is simply a Skinning Knife tucked away in one of her boots.

Out of Character Information Edit

  • There is also a more in-depth version of the story of what happened to her husband at Bloodstained Knight; thanks to Morolooma of Sisters of Elune for the contest that got me to write that (with the help of a friend)!

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