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Rogue Builds for dual spec: Plate, Clothes, RogueVSRogueEdit

Created and Edited by Ampolla

Common basic Mutilate Spec 41/5/25 Edit

Common, for the cycle

     Sap > Cheap Shot > Mutilate > Kidney Shot > Mutilate 2x > Cold Blood + Eviscerate or Rupture

then Blind or CoS+Vanish wait for CS to finish his cool down, and all this again. Link Wow Armory (3.3)

Wowwiki's one .. Link Wow Armory (3.3)

NOTE: Many ppl forget to put 5 tp in Dual Wield Specialization (rogue talent): this talent is really important for every Mutilate spec.

Mutilate against Locks, Priest, Clothes, Rogues 42/5/24 Edit

A stun-lock one, with fast combo point generation and fast energy gains. Link Wow Armory (3.3)

NOTE: Against mages you should use a different strategy: Sap > Sprint (*) > Garrote (**) > Mutilate > Rupture and then, Mutilate Kidney Shot to the end. Just preserve Cloak of Shadows/Vanish for emergences and against Mage's Blink

(*) always have Sprint on! Never wasted if used immediately! It can decide the result of the duel

(**) silences them

Mutilate vs Plates Edit

Totally different one: An unusual but appealing one, based on Setup.

All talents put to improve Rupture (+60%, talents stacks), Garrote, and melee combo point generation. Poisons are fundamental, use Evasion/Prep from the beginning, Sprint and KILL!

Get 5CP and first of all Rupture, Envenom, do not care about cp generation, Setup will do this for you, just keep an eye on Ghostly Strike's cooldown and remember to always have it on, use Evasion, always prep after Evasion.

You can use a totaly diffent strategy: you can begin the stun lock cycle, then Gouge the enemy, wait the 5 sec to get out of combat, stealth and immediately sap the opponent, thanks to the Improved Gouge talent. Not a really clever strategy, but can give you a great versatility.

Link Wow Armory (3.3)

Shadowstep, Shadowdance (clothes: Ambush ed Eviscerate) Edit

Nice against ranged classes, sometime slow but with the best crit you can somehow get. Shadowstep does the dirty work, and his +20% damage is awersome. Rarely used in PVP servers, but worth a try Link Wow Armory (3.3)

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