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Name Faction Server Race Class Level Guild Rank
Anakali Official alliance mini-icon Shadowsong IconSmall NightElf Female Ui-charactercreate-classes druid Druid 8 The Untainted Heart Zealot
Name Faction Server Race Class Level Guild Rank


Prior to the Third War, during the Long Vigil, when all druids of Night Elf society were hibernating within the Emerald Dream, Anakali was a young girl living in Ashenvale, doing her part to aid the Sentinels in the protection of their home. At the time, only males studied druid lore while females became Sentinels. Anakali, however, aspired to become a druid herself. She would often sneak away into the forest and seek out a band of exiled Night Elves who were banished for questioning the detrimental effects of magic use. Several years early, a Human explorer from Lordaeron crossed the sea in the hopes of discovering new lands on Kalimdor, when he discovered and befriended the exiles. He stayed with them, learning of and chronicling their culture and history.

Before the Scourge invasions of Lordaeron, the High Priest of the exiles sensed their coming and attempted to warn the rest of the Night Elves of the coming danger, however his warnings were ignored and shrugged off as heresy. The human explorer, fearing the Priest's foresight to be true, gathered together a group of the exiles to sail back to Lordaeron to warn of the danger. Anakali requested to accompany them and ventured across the sea where they landed on the shores of Silverpine Forest. It was the explorer's intent to journey to Dalaran to advise Archmage Antonidas, but they did not make it that far. While passing through the forest, the Night Elf caravan encountered a splinter group of undead soldiers, members of The Dark Hand Covenant. The explorer and a majority of the group were slaughtered immediately, leaving only Anakali and two companions, Alexandreta and Dartain, alive. The two were able to spirit Anakali back to their boat, but were overcome by undead before they were able to board themselves. Anakali sailed away safely, sorrowful of the loss of her companions.

Upon her return to Ashenvale, Anakali told her elders of the threat across the sea. Trusting that the dangers would remain contained to the Eastern Kingdoms, they kept the danger secret and scolded Anakali, forgiving her for her consorting with the exiles and chalking it up to her youth.

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