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HordeNPC 32Aroka Grimtotem
Title <None>
Gender Male
Race Tauren
Position Miner, Skinner
Location Azeroth
Relative(s) Mother and father living in Thunder Bluff

Appearance and Personality Edit

  • Age: 78
  • Height: 7 ft
  • Weight: 450 lbs

Aroka Grimtotem is 78 years old with jet black fur and horns. He wears his hair and beard in braids that he sometimes strokes in deep thought. He enjoys keeping his body in peak physical condition and works out daily. An eye-patch covers his eye, lost from a Night Elf arrow during a war between Darnassus and Thunder Bluff. His personality is usually friendly towards those that are no threat. He is openly hostile or mocking of those he finds weak, inferior, or 'corrupted'.

The Path of a Druid Edit

Aroka had gotten up this morning full of energy and joy. Today was the day of choosing, the day he would be set on his path. He wondered what the spirits would choose for him. Perhaps they would put him on the path of a mighty warrior or fearless hunter. Yet as he stood there, a long row of his fellow tribesmen on each side, he was beginning to feel nervous. What if the spirits turned him down? Told him to go be a trader or some such nonsense and not uphold the honor of his tribe. As he walked down the aisle he felt a lump growing in his throat. Before him stood the Elder Crone, her two bodyguards on either side. A large bonfire burned behind her, giving off waves of sweltering heat. yet she seemed not to notice. Her eyes fixed upon the young Tauren in approaching of her.

Aroka kneeled in front of her as she bellowed in a voice far surpassing her age, "Today the spirits choose a path for another of our tribe. Today Aroka Grimtotem will be set upon his journey into the world." She looked down at Aroka, eyes locked. "Let it be known, that no matter your path you will uphold it with honor in the name of your tribe."

Aroka wanted too cringe away from the deep black eyes, but fought past the lump in his throat to say, "I swear by my ancestors that whatever my path may be I will honor it to the very end." The Elder Crone lifted her gaze and yelled, "Then let the ceremony commence!"

Almost immediately the beating of drums began and the Crone turned around to face the great fire. Reaching into a pouch she pulled out a pile of colorful dust and threw it into the flames. "Spirits of our ancestors, today another of our tribe stands before ready to begin his life path of your choosing. Let it be known he has sworn to honor whatever choice!"

Aroka felt a strange tingling in his spine but he could not move. Suddenly he was engulfed in a strange swirling mist and all went black. He stood in the middle of a forest, critters and birds moving all around. He felt at peace, reaching out and patting the trees and animals, joining in with the dance of nature. A large Tauren emerged from behind a tree. Aroka looked at him with wide eyes as his fur was pure white in contrast to his jet black. The large Tauren smiled and took Aroka's hand, easily dwarfing the latter's, and placed a wooden token into it. Giving a nod he closed Aroka's fist then clapped his hands suddenly.

Aroka opened his eyes with a jolt as thunder rang in his ears. He was still kneeling, the Elder Crone watching a few feet away. "Did you receive your vision? What did you see?" she asked as Aroka rose, the mist quickly disappearing. Opening his palm Aroka held out a small wooden token. Handing it to the Elder Crone she carefully examined it before handing it back and turning to the tribe members, a smile on her face. "Our ancestors have given Aroka a most honorable path, one which will benefit us all greatly. A path of majesty, a path of power!" As Aroka looked down at the small token he noticed the markings etched onto it. Four heads, an Eagle, a Bear, a Lion, and a Sea Lion connected around a leaf. Aroka looked up to the Elder Crone just as she finished her speech, "Aroka Grimtotem shall now be trained as a Druid!"

History and Feats Edit

Aroka found himself among the company of the Clan of the Fist and under the command of the Orc Ydur when first venturing out of Mulgore. Young and brash, he sought only power and looked down upon the 'lesser' races of the Horde. After leaving the Fist he wandered alone for awhile, unsure of his path, until he happened upon a small military organization known as the Crimson Phalanx. There he made some of his closest friends and enjoyed many adventures, growing older and wiser as the months went on.

Aroka had seen the Convocation, had known that it made the Blood Elves stronger. He aimed to form something of the like in his racial capital of Thunder Bluff. This new Council would represent all major tribes and lift a great burden off of Cairne's shoulders. They would run the laws of Thunder Bluff and surrounding Mulgore, allowing the Bloodhoof Chieftain to deal with military and foreign matters. The call went out for all tribes to send a representative. Many came, all ready to do their part for Thunder Bluff and the Tauren people. Aroka himself had been appointed by Magatha Grimtotem to represent the Grimtotems on this new Council. So the Council of Confederated Tauren Tribes was formed. Still fairly new they aim to turn Thunder Bluff into a prosperous city of the Horde and work closer with their allies. However, the Council failed in it's goals and was ultimately dissolved.

Disheartened by his failure Aroka disappeared for a long time, journeying the Great Sea with a band of mercenaries. He often acted as a scout and medic, gaining valuable field experience. Eventually the group consumed itself in its greed, and Aroka fled, returning to Kalimdor where he wandered the forests of Ashenvale and Felwood before coming to the remains of the World Tree and gaining enlightenment.

Aroka returned to civilization to find the Phalanx gone and many of it's members scattered to the winds. However, a small group clung together and found refuge in the Broken House. Aroka journeyed to this magical home where he was admitted as an ally, but not a member. Aroka's friendship with the Blood Elf Kathas strengthened and he made amends with the Hunter Celinthia. However, Aroka felt change on the horizon and he disappeared once more without a trace.

Current Activities Edit


Out of Character Information Edit

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